Emergency Response: Liberty County - 1/25/19 Update

We thank our players for being patient as this update took longer than usual, but it is very much worth it! All changes in this new update of Emergency Response: Liberty County are listed below.

New Features

  • Civilian Chevy Camaro ZL1

  • A new Quick Radio for teams. This new gui popup will provide you with a list of quick replies to send in the radio chat - without having to type anything. Activate this by pressing “Y” or clicking the new radio button.

  • New police tasers will allow you to stun wanted players for a short time.

  • Server-side vehicle sounds. You can now hear other players’ vehicle sounds. This will not be as smooth as your own vehicle sound (for network and performance reasons), but is is good enough.

  • The jail now has cozy furniture in the cells to make you feel right at home!

  • Redesigned loading screen, which also has a timeout feature and shows messages. (Allowed to remove the notification message every time you join.)

  • The car customization shop is now using ViewPortFrame, so it should be more consistent.

  • It is now impossible to break out of prison - until we add supported break-outs in the future!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Several improvements to the XP & Objective system. You no longer have to join a call in the MDT to do an objective.

  • Gun particles should no longer stay active after you stop firing.

  • Car spawning should be much more stable. We fixed a welding issue.

  • Fixed a bug where your warrant timer would keep counting after a warrant expired.

  • Firefighters should no longer be able to take gun damage. This would previously happen in certain conditions.

  • Fixed a bug which would make your car not use fuel after filling it up.

  • Fixed a bug which would allow players to walk during the respawn timer.

  • Better radio cooldown, along with a timeout to prevent open mics.

  • Fixed a bug involving objectives and paychecks on the civilian team.

  • Improved server memory performance.



Once again, thanks for playing our game! Let us know what you think of this update in our chat server. Please also report any bugs in the dedicated bug reports channel.


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