Emergency Response: Liberty County - 1/7/2023 Update Log

New Features

Cash Register Robberies: New type of robbery! We’ve added new cash registers to most of the businesses in Liberty County. Use a gun or melee weapon to destroy the cash registers and then steal the money! There is currently a cooldown for every 2 registers you rob.

Bullhorn BH15 Police Truck: New vehicle added to the Police and Sheriff teams.

Water Towers: River City and Springfield now have flowing water!

Custom Team Names in Private Server: If your server has the Roleplay Pack, you’ll be able to change the team names and logos. For example, rename RCPD to “State Patrol” if you want. This will change the text in the GUIs and buildings.

Skate Rink: The Rivery City park has been remodeled for a new ice rink! Walk onto the ice to start skating.

Unmarked Police License Plate: If you have the Detective pass, you’ll now see an option under Accessories to equip a civilian style license plate. Only available with undercover package.

Highway Message Boards: On HWY 55, we’ve added overhead message board for displaying traffic warnings. The DOT team can change the text displayed.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Added search bar for server settings
  • Removed all New Years and Christmas stuff