Emergency Response: Liberty County 4/26/2020 Update Log

500,000 Sales!

We have hit a great milestone of achieving 500,000 game sales! @mrfergie, @LostInfinity, and myself would have never thought of reaching this great achievement when we were originally starting up this game. Thank you for your support!

New Features

Premium Private Servers: You can now upgrade your private server to access even more features! From the main game, you can click a server you own in the “Owned Servers” tab, and click the Upgrade button to purchase the premium tier. Such exclusive features include customizing law enforcement vehicles (ex: all blues, all reds, default), getting a premium icon next to your server name, and locking your server to your group members only! More settings/features will be added to premium servers in the near future.

New Mod Shop: The mod shop has received a visual upgrade to better display the edits you are making to your vehicle. You’re now able to drag your camera around as you would do it to your character.

Improved Drifting: The drifting for vehicles have been improved significantly, so you never have to hit “P” to actually drift your vehicle. Pressing Left Shift will now perform the same behavior as the parking brake, except now it adds the visual effects and slight traction adjustment on the tires.

Vehicle Damage: The vehicle damaging system has been improved to be proportional to the actual impact! In addition to taking damage from knocking down poles, vehicles now also take damage from buildings & trees! The amount of damage taken depends on the vehicle’s speed.

Searching Trunks: Officers can now search the trunks of a wanted individual. If you have a wanted suspect pulled over, simply approach the trunk and press E to search it.

Dodge Charger: This newly updated model replaces the current charger on the civilian team.

Go check out these awesome features!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • The :heal (ex: :heal PlayerName) command has also been added to all private servers
  • Fixed getting on top of buildings by exiting vehicle
  • Changed FD’s tahoe, SUV, and brush truck sirens to match LCSO
  • Updated battering ram to keep door open for 30 seconds after breach to allow other officers inside
  • Fixed certain vehicles not taking damage when hitting a pole
  • Made plate design reflect on car in mod shop
  • Fixed mod shop bug where unmarked cars would have a lightbar/wraparound
  • Fixed not being able to edit private server settings after changing username
  • Fixed radar gun sticking out of explorer
  • Improved bearcat’s braking distance
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Let us know what you think of this update in our chat server, and please report any bugs in the dedicated bug reports channel. Be sure to check out the game to experience this awesome update. Shout out to our testers for their great input and contributions that help our updates.

Quick info about me: I’m the Senior Developer of the group, working alongside the Lead Developer @mrfergie and Community Manager @LostInfinity .