Emergency Response: Liberty County 5/1/2021 Update Log

New Features

New Menu: Enjoy the refreshed design of the menu screens! All UIs will soon be refreshed to match our new style.

Disable Traffic Cameras: In private servers, you now have a setting to disable traffic cameras from making a player wanted. They will still flash and make the player citable for traffic infractions, however they will not contribute to their wanted level.

Mod Shop Access: Wanted criminals are now able to access the mod shop! You will only be able to enter if your vehicle is damaged and there are no police nearby. Once inside you can only repair it, no cosmetic changes allowed. All police and sheriff vehicles will be able to enter the mod shop to repair their vehicles as well, despite not having a ghost or unmarked package!

More Local Settings: Like we mentioned in the last update, we are still adding onto the local settings. See below for each additional setting and their function:

  • Street Light Shadows: Enables/Disables the shadows rendered from street lights. Only turn this up if you have a high-performance PC.
  • Car Headlight Shadows: Enables/Disables the shadows rendered from vehicle headlights. Only turn this up if you have a high-performance PC. You are able to enable it for all vehicles, or only your vehicle.
  • Chat Theme: You now have the ability to set the chat bubbles to a dark theme! You can also set it to automatic so it’ll be light themed during the day, and dark themed during the night.

No, we have not forgotten about the additional updates we teased! Stay tuned for those!

Go check out these awesome features!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Helicopter now announces the reason it returns to base to refuel
  • Sped up ladder truck extend/retract speed
  • Added characters to the DOT traffic light wiring to help with colorblindness
  • Increased difficulty of building fires
  • Added tool hints for most police tools
  • Added Riot Shield to locker (previously only available in your trunk)
  • When you get out of a car at the gas station, you should no longer be put on the roof
  • Added gun damage hit markers to vehicles
  • Added tire screech sound on drift
  • Added beams to street lights
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Let us know what you think of this update in our chat server, and please report any bugs in the dedicated bug reports channel. Be sure to check out the game to experience this awesome update. Shout out to our testers for their great input and contributions that help our updates, and PRADA_23 for his amazing work with our vehicles, and @Infectalite for his work on the new liveries.

Quick info about me: I’m the Senior Developer of the group, working alongside the Lead Developer @mrfergie and Community Manager @LostInfinity .