Emergency Response: Liberty County 6/11/2021 Update Log

New Features

Permanent Scanner Gamepass: You can now own the police scanner permanently! With the gamepass, you will still “activate” the scanner, and that will last for 7 minutes. After time runs up, there will be a cooldown during which the scanner will recharge for 5 minutes before you can activate it again. The scanner will never be removed from your inventory.

Fire Extinguisher: Firefighters now have a fire extinguisher to handle smaller fires or situations where a hose is unnecessary. This can be equipped from the lockers or your trunk.

SWAT Tahoe/F-150 Customization: Police vehicle customization is now extended to the SWAT package on the Tahoe and F-150! You now have the ability to equip the slicktop package, remove the rambar and spotlight as long as you own the police customization gamepass.

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Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Criminals will no longer die in a vehicle fire if an officer is near them
  • Visual/Sound FX added when you crash into a tree, and SFX added for crashing into buildings
  • Fixed issues with getting out of bearcat rear doors
  • Ragdoll death fixes
  • Fixed rescue truck’s compartment placement
  • Fixed machine gun appearing in the gear list
  • Made arm rotation with the fire hose smoother
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

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Thanks to the following for making these amazing updates happen:

mrfergie – Lead Developer
Shawnyg – Senior Developer
LostInfinity – Community Manager
PRC Contributors
PRC Testers