Emergency Response: Liberty County 6/7/2020 Update Log

New Features

Jewelry Store: Located in the shopping center, this store provides a new way for criminals to continue their illegal activities! To break into a jewelry case, you must first obtain a drill from the tool store. After doing so, approach a jewelry case with the drill in hand to attempt to break in! You must keep click & hold your mouse (release to have the bar go the other way) to keep the black bar within the green zone for the duration of the drilling. Unlike the other robberies, after you break into one case, you can move right onto the next case after 15 seconds!

Improved Weapon Damage: As mentioned in our last update, the weapon damage system has received a buff! The damages now better reflect each gun’s real life counterpart with damage now dropping as the distance the bullet travels increases. That also means point-blank range damage now is significantly increased! There are also now sound effects when you shoot different surfaces!

Street Names: All streets now have names! You are now able to tell what street you’re on by glancing at a street sign, or if you’re driving a vehicle, by looking in the bottom-left corner of your screen! Street names are also visible in the Map UI in the in-game menu.

Renovated Gas Station: The gas stations now have an interior! Currently. they only exist for aesthetical and roleplay purposes, but they may be put to use in the future.

Wheel Bugs Improvement: You know when you jump out of your vehicle, it would typically jump up and the wheels may cave in? This issue has been resolved and should now rarely occur, if at all.

Chevrolet Caprice: This new vehicle is now available on the civilian team.

Go check out these awesome features!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • XP is now given to officers for responding to house robberies
  • Made certain glass windows into translucent plastic
  • Improved look of vehicle health bar while in a vehicle
  • Bullets no longer collide with accessories
  • Fixed unlimited drift bug
  • Made bearcat tires bulletproof
  • Reduced overall vehicle damage from hitting buildings/trees by 50%
  • Updated the amount of tires you’d pop to be wanted from 3 to 2
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Let us know what you think of this update in our chat server, and please report any bugs in the dedicated bug reports channel. Be sure to check out the game to experience this awesome update. Shout out to our testers for their great input and contributions that help our updates, and PRADA_23 for his amazing work with our vehicles.

Quick info about me: I’m the Senior Developer of the group, working alongside the Lead Developer @mrfergie and Community Manager @LostInfinity .