Emergency Response: Liberty County 8/5/2022 Update Log

New Features

Fire Special Operations: From hazmat to technical rescue operations, players with the Special Operations Gamepass will be able to take their Fire Department roleplay to the next level! You will be able to enjoy:

  • Life Ring: Cast a life ring into the water to a citizen in distress and pull them to safety!
  • Safety Rope: Climb to new heights to perform all terrain rescue! You are able to attach a harness to another player to bring them to safety.
  • Hazmat Uniforms: Safely handle hazardous material to protect the citizens of Liberty County.
  • Deployable Tent: Set up the scene with a command post on all calls.
  • Wash Station: Decontaminate citizens from hazardous materials.
  • Special Operations Unit: Exclusive vehicle on the Fire team.
  • Pike Pole: Available for free to all players, this tool can be used for RP.

New Major Server Calls: For all servers, there is now an Oil Spill call. You will have to put out the fire before using an Oil Absorbent. For private server owners with the roleplay pack, you will be able to spawn in the Chemical Spill call. To safely get rid of chemical spills, you’ll need to use the HAZMAT Neutralizer. DOT will then remove any vehicles after all spills/barrels are cleared

Mobile Command Center: Unlockable at the max rank for Police/Sheriff teams, this new vehicle can be used as the central post at a scene! You are able to open the rear door to allow officers to sit inside.

2022 Falcon Traveller: This new vehicle based off of the Ford Expedition is now available for purchase on the Civilian team.

Go check out these awesome features!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Custom Uniforms in Private Servers are now available in your vehicle’s trunk
  • Fire calls have been fixed in servers
  • The :cmds UI has been redesigned. Hover over a command to view its description
  • Timer now shows on the :priority notification in private servers
  • Fixed Sheriff’s Office vehicles spawning on top of each other
  • Fixed “For Sale” vehicles spawning when the parking spot is already occupied
  • Increased police radar (vehicle and handheld) radar range by 25%
  • Fixed LEO Chevlon Commuter Van not having Front Custom Livery Decal
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
  • See more fixes on our Trello board

Let us know what you think of this update in our chat server, and please report any bugs in the dedicated bug reports channel. Be sure to check out the game to experience this awesome update.
Thanks to the following for making these amazing updates happen:

mrfergie – Lead Developer
Shawnyg – Senior Developer
LostInfinity – Community Manager
PRC Developers
PRC Contributors
PRC Testers