Emergency Response: Liberty County 9/24/2022 Update Log


New Features

Redesigned Liberty Apparel Interior: The clothing store in the town of Springfield has been slightly redesigned! You can now try on and purchase all clothing displayed on the shelves and racks.

Placeable Objects Collision Setting: Private server owners with the Premium Settings pack will now be able to enable collisions on certain placeable objects. This list includes all types of cones and road barriers.

Mafia Colored Player Blips: Although this was intended to be released earlier, mafias that have a custom color set will now see their members on the map/mini-map in that specified color! It will be easier to locate your fellow members.

News Station: The news station is the latest building to receive a revamped appearance! Enjoy the newly renovated building.

2022 Falcon Traveller SSV: This new vehicle, representing the Ford Expedition, is now available on the Police/Sheriff teams.

2022 Bullhorn Determinator SFP Fury: This new vehicle, representing the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, is now available on the Civilian team.

Hint Command: Private server moderators+ now have access to the hint command. Usage: :h This is a hint message.

Go check out these awesome features!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • New image for the combat indicator
  • The lights in the “Fountain” area on the map now turn on at night
  • Properly reflected the Vellfire Runabout’s mid-engine location
  • Made the Wanted timer’s TextLabel auto-scale for all screen resolutions and translations
  • Flatbed Tow Truck can no longer tow the Shuttle Bus
  • Reduced Elysion Slick top speed
  • Fixed blank messages in the radio
  • Clock Towers in Springfield now represent the game’s time
  • X keybind to close notifications, such as :m messages
  • Updated overhead combat indicator icon
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
  • See more fixes on our Trello board

Let us know what you think of this update in our chat server, and please report any bugs in the dedicated bug reports channel. Be sure to check out the game to experience this awesome update.
Thanks to the following for making these amazing updates happen:

mrfergie – Lead Developer
Shawnyg – Senior Developer
LostInfinity – Community Manager
PRC Developers
PRC Contributors
PRC Testers