Emergency Response: Liberty County - Nov. 28, 2020 Update Log

New Features

  • MiniMap: The new MiniMap will show in the bottom left in your screen. You can expand or collapse it to fit your visual needs. It shows your location and the map toggles you have enabled.

  • Map GUI Overhaul: The larger Map has been removed from the main menu and is completely remade. You can access the new Map by pressing ‘M’ or clicking the MiniMap. We have also added the ability to mark “Waypoints” on the map. Right click anywhere on the map to set or cancel a waypoint. Once a waypoint is set, you will see a location marker on your map in the 3D world above the location you marked.

  • Honda Civic: This new vehicle replaces the Dodge Dart model. If you owned the Dart you will automatically get the Civic.

  • 1984 Chevrolet K10 Truck: Added as a new “Classic” vehicle. You must own the Classic gamepass to purchase this truck.

  • DOT Gas Can: We’ve added this free tool for everyone on the Dept. of Transportation team. Use the gas can to refuel anyone who has run out of gas! There are some limits in place to make sure this is not abused for free gas.

  • Combat Mode Indicator: You will now see a crosshairs icon above other players’ heads when you have a gun equipped and they are in combat mode. You can only shoot other players who are in combat mode - this will help you see who is combat enabled and who’s not. Being combat enabled means you have a weapon equipped in your inventory.

  • Free Cam in Private Servers: This is a new setting in Premium Private Servers which allows Mods+ to use a cinematic free-flying camera mode. Press Left Shift+P to toggle on/off.

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Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed road trash sometimes not spawning for the street sweeper.

  • Remodeled the Fire Utility F-250 with a better sized bed.

  • Swapped Tanker and Rescue unlocking ranks.

  • You can no longer tow the International Ambulance on the tow truck.