Emergency Vehicle Testing Update 7

What is Emergency Vehicle Testing?
Emergency Vehicle Testing is a game I created with a bunch of free models, most were broken. I fixed them up, added some stuff, and allowed people to use them in this game! Everything in the game is free, no gamepasses or products attached.

Right now, there are no “missions” to do in the game, but you can drive emergency vehicles, try out the lights and sirens, and maybe even roleplay if you want.

This is the largest update to the game so far. Here’s what’s new.

  • Vans! The SUV has received an add-on to convert into a van! The rear doors open. There is a new van for the:
    –Civilian Team
    –Police / Sheriff Team (“Prisoner” Transport)
    –DOT Team

  • The utility pick-up has been added to the DOT team!

  • New fire station! Beechwood Fire Rescue has received a large, modern fire station for all its firefighting and administrative needs! This fire station was custom made by me for this game.

  • New fire team! What will happen to the old one, which is also custom made? Introducing Loote County Fire District #7! Located on the new highway in the outskirts of Beechwood, this volunteer fire district serves Loote County outside Beechwood. The first apparatus will be:
    –Fire Engine
    –Rescue Truck
    –Aid (BLS) Ambulance
    –Command SUV
    –Utility Pick-up
    Each vehicle has a custom livery made by me.

  • New spawn gui! Although the old one I made isn’t bad, I decided to make a better one. It has all the teams in a nice scrolling frame. Still a work in progress, it doesn’t work the best on every device.

What Comes Next
Here’s a list of what will likely come next.

  • Finishing Loote County Fire District #7 Station 1’s interior. The interior is not finished, and it looks pretty bad.

  • School district logo. Still working on it!

  • New EMS station is under construction!

  • PowerCall siren fix. After the audio privacy update on Roblox, the PowerCall siren broke. (Even though Roblox told me it would stay, but whatever.) There is a replacement one, but it is very quiet. I’ll make it louder as soon as I can, as it is already on the max volume.