Emissive Textures on Skinned mesh

Does anyone know how this can be done with a skinned mesh model? The Emissive Texture only works with Decals or Texture Object Both uses faces and not with SurfaceAppearance, Would I have to draw a custom texture for each Face somehow?

In addition to Decals and Texture, I’ve tried using an all-white decal to replicate the neon colour on my model:

Emissive Texture:
(How To Have Functioning Emissive Textures! - #6 by TheRings0fSaturn)

you can vertex paint the faces in blender by selected a face or faces, then go to vertex paint, choose a color, then press shift k to color all selected faces

Then once you import the model into studio it will come with the vertex colors already, then you just make the material neon and adjust the brightness of the meshes color from black to white (black being no glow and white being the most glow possible)

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