Emoji of the premium symbol

The other day, I was posting in a topic about premium features and I wanted to use the premium symbol to represent premium. However, when I looked, there was no emoji for premium.

There is an emoji for robux (:robux:) and for Roblox (:roblox:), but there is no emoji for premium.

As someone who uses emojis in their posts, this would be a useful feature to add an emoji with the premium symbol, so I can reference people with premium with it.

It would be a small feature, but it would be very useful for me in specific situations.

Let me know what you think about it!


I don’t generally use emojis as I don’t like them, but on certain specific cases I agree that having a premium emoji (or two, one like this: :robux_light: and another like this :robux: ) would be helpful.


I don’t use emojis that much either however a Premium one could certainly be useful. Even though it doesn’t exist anymore, a Builders Club one could be cool too for nostalgia sake.


I rarely use emojis; the only emoji that I regularly use is the robux emoji :robux: because it looks cleaner when specifying amounts. Personally, I would not find a Premium emoji useful, however, I can see how other people might use it (i.e. Yes, I have the :premium: 450 plan)