Emoji Picker - Studio Plugin

Emoji Picker is an plugin that lets you easily copy+paste Emojis into your game!

25 Emoji’s added and more is to come!



How to use Emoji Picker:
Go to the plugin tab, then open the Emoji Picker Button.

An Widget will open.
Then select an Emoji,
Select the emoji in the TextBox, press CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste!
(Use CMD+C to copy and CMD+V on macOS to copy+paste)

The plugin has full dark mode support.

Install the plugin:
The plugin is backdoor free!

Support my work: https://web.roblox.com/catalog/6994321985


Can’t you add a button to copy the text, on a plugin called Studio+ it requires viewers to watch a video to learn something and there is a button to copy the text.

@GamersInternational unfortunately, there’s no way for plugins to copy text to the clipboard. The best we can do is focus textboxes.

@iShouldG0 isn’t this just the same as pressing Win+. to open the emoji keyboard (I’m sure Mac has an equivalent too)?


Could of sworn I did see a feature in Studio+ that does what I mentioned but I haven’t really seen it in plugin docs before.

Pretty much. However there is one operating system that it is useful for, Windows 7 does not have an emoji picker. On Windows 8.1, you can use the touch keyboard to type emojis.

Windows 7 does not have this feature. On macOS you have to open Character Viewer.
On Linux (using the app “Wine”) you have to use an Emoji Copy+paste website, which is not convenient.

As far as I’m aware, Roblox does not work with WINE.

Windows 7 I’m pretty sure cannot see emojis anyways, I know this as some emojis doesn’t load on my other Windows 8.1 PC but would on Windows 10.

I’m sure there must be an easier way such as a touch keyboard. Do you even have macOS or Linux anyways?

Roblox Studio on Linux:

I owned a 2 Mac’s in late 2020, before i got an PC.
I used Ubuntu on a virtual machine.

I forgot about Windows 7 in all honesty. Apparently the Mac emoji keyboard can be opened with +CTRL+Space.

You can get Roblox Studio to run on Linux-based devices (including Chrome OS) using Grapejuice. Although it was a terrible experience on my Chromebook and not worth doing.

A basic set of emojis will show if you have the “Segoe UI Emoji” font installed (they’re usually black and white glyphs, however), but Roblox actually includes an emoji font (TwemojiMozilla.ttf), so it doesn’t matter it your system supports emoji or not; it also keeps emojis consistent between devices.

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Mac DOES have an equivalent (CMD + option + space), except for Mac the emoji picker will not show up in game ;c

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