Emojis Censoring in Textbox

Is there anyway to allow emojis to be typed using a text box in-game while not censoring it? I don’t know if there is a function to allow this or if its a text box property. I’ve tried looking in the developer api page but only found nothing.

I have good and bad news, its possible but with specific methods, you would have to write the entire word instead of an emoji (if you are on a phone).

The data I found is in the API of TextBox.Text and if you dont want the whole text to change you can use “string.upper” [If there is another method idk it]

LocalScript inside TextBox

local TextBox = script.Parent

local moods = {
	["happy"] = "😃";
	["sad"] = "😢";
	["neutral"] = "😐";
	["tired"] = "😫";

	for mood, face in pairs(moods) do
		if TextBox.Text == mood then
			TextBox.Text = face


Well i’ve seen a game do this before, like theme park tycoon 2. I was wondering how the developers did that aswell.

What do you mean the text box censors it? Can you elaborate on use-cases and a way to reproduce the censoring?

Basically if you put an emoji in a textbox while studio isn’t running, the emoji doesn’t turn to a square. If you run studio and input a emoji into the textbox, the emoji will be replaced by a square.

Can’t replicate this, what emojis are you trying?

Really any emoji for me doesn’t work, like slight smile

Can you get a screenshot of it so I can see what you’re talking about?

The box is suppose to be a :grinning: but it got replaced by this box.

How are you inputting them / what platform are you on?

Im on windows and im using this website https://getemoji.com/
It shouldn’t really matter as it works when studio isn’t running.

Try using [windows key + “.”] to open the built-in emoji menu?

It just gets replaced by the box after I press enter.

I wrote a bit of python code to extract all known emojis into a Roblox dictionary. The module used in the code snippet can be found here:

--After inserting the module into the game, name it Emojis and parent inside the script
local Emojis = require(script.Emojis)

local TextBox = script.Parent 

--ignore magic characters
function SanitizeText(text)
	return text:gsub("([%%%^%$%(%)%.%[%]%*%+%-%?])", "%%%1")

	local text = TextBox.Text
	local words = string.split(text, ":")
	for word = 2, #words-1, 2 do 
		local current = words[word]
		local emoji = Emojis[current:lower()] 
		if emoji then 
			text = text:gsub(":"..SanitizeText(current)..":", emoji)
	TextBox.Text = text 
	--fixes a bug where emojis split into half when space is pressed
	TextBox.CursorPosition += 1

So will this convert my emojis or will it convert text into emojis?
Also found out your from the future

Basically when a user types an emoji into the textbox like this: :thumbs_up: it will be converted into the emoji.

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It doesn’t seem to be converting it at all, just leaving it as raw text.

TextBox must be a reference to the TextBox the user types, and the module I provided must be parented inside the script and named Emojis. Also to show the emojis you must surround them with : like this: :taco:

Here is an example that can be parented in StarterGui: Text to Emoji - Roblox

Yes, i’ve done all of that, it just doesn’t convert. Even if it did the box will still replace the emoji.