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Empire is a modern hotel, leading the ROBLOX hotel industry with it’s amazing development. With our luxurious facilities like our unique rollercoaster, we can assure you Empire is the best to stay. Empire was founded back in August 2018. Our goal is to accommodate guests with our delightful experience. Thank you for being apart of our wonderful community!


As a Roblox group, we have a few rules. If you don’t want to be removed from the server, please make sure to follow these rules at all times. Certain rules, if broken, can even lead to consequences like a ban.

The following are rules what are mandatory to follow:


Whilst in any of our facilities, it is a requirement that you always follow Roblox’s T&Cs at all times. Any breaching of these rules will result in a consequence and possibily being directly reported to Roblox.


Spamming is strictly prohibited inside of Empire. Minor spamming such as caps abuse and spamming letters will just result in a warning, however if you decide to mass spam, you will get a ban or even a permanent ban.


Exploiting is a major breach in both ours - and Roblox’s - rules. If you exploit, you’ll be immediately perm banned and reported to Roblox on-sight.


Rude Language / Swearing is strictly prohibited in all of our facilities, and Roblox. If you attempt to bypass and ignore this rule, you will be banned upon sight. We have the right to report you to Roblox also, however this is not guaranteed.


Respect others! There is many small things you can do to do this, such as not cutting in lines, being friendly in chat, and more. Major disrespect could result in a warning.


Make sure to use common sense at all times! Just because a rule is not listed in here, does not mean it isn’t a thing. When doing something, double-check if what you’re doing is right and it won’t land you any consequences.

If you decide to follow these rules, thank you! This will make Empire a more safer and fun place for everybody. :heartpulse:



Firstly, you must join the group. From there, you can join the Application Center in order to gain the rank Awaiting Training, to take our application you must be in our group. You will then have to join our Application Center and fill out the questions! If you pass, you’ll be automatically ranked to Awaiting Training, and then you need to attend a training. If you do not pass, you may always try again! Our training schedule is located inside of our Trello! If you pass the training, you’ll be ranked up and will officially be able to work at Empire. Please note that the ranking will not be immediate, and it can take up to 48 hours for individuals to be ranked. After that, you need to earn points by working or buying them. After you reach the amounts below, you will automatically be ranked.


Joining a training session can be quite overwhelming, we get it! We have made training sessions easy to ensure all of our applicants have a fair chance of passing.

Our tips is to just remain respectful, use grammar at all times, and be friendly to others! You shouldn’t go to trainings straight after applying, our suggestion is that you head to the hotel to inspect what workers do! This can really boost your results when answering questions, however this is optional.


:link: Discord links are not permitted on the DevForums, make sure to check our social links on our group!
:link: Alliance Application & Information
:link: Session Trello
:link: Empire Twitter (@ResortsEmpire)

:link: Empire Resorts Group
:link: Empire Hotel & Resort
:link: Empire Resorts Training Center
:link: Empire Resorts 24/7 Job Center

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