EMPIRE Theatre Rules and Regulations

This rulebook has been created in order for you and other staff to have a smooth and enjoyable experience at EMPIRE. These rules are not here to stop you from having fun, they are here to tell you what you can and cannot do, and to help prevent you from getting banned/suspended over a mistake you were unaware of. These rules will also help you identify who is breaking rules and from that you can assist the HR team by reporting rule breakers when a HR isn’t present at the theatre. If you have someone to report, DM an online HR on our Discord server.

Please follow all of the rules we have stated or you will face proper consequences. If you are unsure about doing something, make sure to ask an HR first.

Note: All rules stated in this guide are subject to change at any time. Please keep yourself updated with this guide in the event of any changes to this. Major changes will most likely be announced when they happen. Thank you.


Most of the commands at EMPIRE that are abusive within the admin are blocked to prevent abuse with them. Some of the commands at the theatre are unlocked because they are essential for some ranks but not for other ranks. Due to this, they are abused the most often (especially :m). The commands that are not blocked are broken down below for the rank they should be used. If any of these limitations are broken, you are subject to any consequences that go with the abuse of any of them. We are not responsible for “accidentally” using the commands without you knowing what they do and who they’re for (this is NOT an admin testing game).

:announce (replacement of :m)

  • This command is ONLY for the current host. The only reason the current host can use this command is for dialogue for the show they are hosting. When you are hosting a play and using this command, grammar is required. Everyone can see the message, and it makes the play and EMPIRE as a whole look a lot better.
    • This does NOT include using the command to announce:
      • Telling non-actors to leave the stage
      • Requesting assistance with production (Set Building, Styling, etc.)
  • :Announce is the replacement of the :m command. Now, this command is only restricted to the current host to avoid abuse, which was a huge problem.

:music (id) - plays certain music.

  • You must wait for the current song to loop before playing another song.
  • Troll songs or audios are not permitted whatsoever.
  • When the show is in session or about to start, only the current host will play music. Anyone interfering with the play by changing the music during it will be warned.

:pm (player) (message)

  • This command sends a private message to a user on the game.
  • You DO NOT use this command to message a large party of players (admins, non admins, %players, all, others, ect.). This is just like the :m command which is also not allowed.
  • You will be warned for breaking this.

:name (player) (name)

  • This command is only for the current host to name actors with and absolutely nothing else. Using the name command for your own personal use is not allowed and you will be unnamed and verbally warned. However, naming yourself something unrelated to the play after a verbal warning will be followed by an actual warning.
  • Naming yourself “AFK” is not an excuse and is still an offense.
  • Mass abuse of this command is a suspension (naming a large group).
  • If you are the current host and naming characters, please use this format :name (EX. :name Golembyte Ricardo)
  • If the role name is tagged in the chat filter, that name is not allowed and you must discard the character or find a new name for them. Please do not space it out and try to still use it if it is tagged.

:h (message)

This command is only used to talk about EMPIRE related topics to other people across the server, really no one has gotten in trouble for this. Just don’t spam the command and you’ll be fine.

:hat, :shirt, :face, :pants (player) (id)

  • These commands are pretty self explanatory. Stylists use these commands to dress characters for the play.
  • DO NOT use these commands on a large group of people.
  • If the ID’s are broken, this is not our fault. This is within ROBLOX and we have no way of fixing it, unfortunately.
  • If you plan on using the explosive bunny ears or the teacup hat that gives you gears, expect an immediate suspension for a week or longer. This goes for any abusive hat not listed as well.


Here at EMPIRE Theatre, we want the best for our players and staff. Just like every group, there are rules associated with having the best experience for everyone. These rules will help you with your application and making sure you don’t get caught doing the wrong thing at the theatre, and facing punishment.

Owning a booth

  • Only Stylists and Executive+ can own booths. Our booth claiming system blocks any other ranks from claiming one.
  • Any other ranks that decide to build in a booth will be warned with any build inside of it being deleted. You aren’t supposed to be there. However, you are allowed to help build in a booth if the owner of the booth allows you to.
  • All booths must keep any builds inside the space provided. Nothing EXCESSIVELY outside of the box (exceptions for this rule include miniature decorations and such like plant pots for example). All builds have to be appropriate and must be for styling only, you will be asked to change your build if otherwise.
  • You cannot deny anyone from being styled if someone asks you unless you are AFK. If you are building your booth, you are still supposed to style someone if they ask you to.
  • Along with the rule stated previously, you cannot “close” booths to deny people.
  • If you want to disband your booth, say “!rejoin”. Your booth goes unclaimed and up for anyone.

Hosting plays

  • If you want to host a play, go to the backstage area and go to the hosting queue. Select “Add to Queue”. Once it is your turn, you’re hosting!

  • All plays must have a valid storyline to them. There must be characters to the play also (however all exceptions to this must be confirmed by an intern or higher.)

  • All plays must be appropriate to the general audience. Banned themes are listed down below (this is updated constantly).

  • You may only use the :announce command for the dialogue of your play, absolutely nothing else please.

  • If there are no tech crew available on the server, ask another host to do it for you. Please communicate with your technical crew through PMs during your show rather than :announce as it gets messy and confusing. You may also use :h, however :pm is suggested.

  • With the new hosting information, the current host is able to put in the title of their play and any information regarding it. The host has to use this information box to host this play, as it allows them to use the :announce command. When you are hosting a play and using this command, grammar is required.

  • Gears are not provided to anyone for any show at all. You are only allowed to use the props given in the props section.

  • Co-Hosting is not allowed at any point. You must give out roles yourself.

  • Roles are to be given out at the desk in the backstage area only, when done on set it gets overcrowded. ROLES ARE GIVEN TO PLAYERS HOLDING ACTOR RANK FIRST

Banned show themes

All shows must not be or based off of any of the ones listed. This list is constantly updated. Your play will be shut down if you are hosting one of these types, and you will be forced to queue the next host.

  • Anything involving any sensitive topics to the general audience (Ex: Gorey wars, anything involving large, emotional attacks, etc.)
  • Anything involving mass gore/blood.
  • Inappropriate topics (Please, keep your show PG.)
  • Troll plays (plays that are just unrealistically set out, joke plays, plays that make no absolute sense.)

Building Guidelines

  • You are expected to not build inappropriate builds ANYWHERE in or outside of the theatre. This would include builds that follow along the lines of racism, homophobia, pornography/explicit content, etc. Builds seen with any of what is listed will be immediately deleted and whoever built it is never getting hired again. The same goes for troll builds.
  • You can not build outside of the theatre or in the lobby under ANY circumstance. HRs are not allowed to give you permission to do such.
  • You are able to build backstage if you are a backstage manager, however we ask that you do not make huge excessive builds that clog up the backstage and cover the stage entrance. We also suggest you don’t make desks for that reason. Decorations are perfectly fine, same with miniature builds. Ranks who are not a backstage manager have to get permission from the actual backstage managers before building backstage.
  • Using the REFLECTANCE setting with F3X and setting it to OVER 10 is not allowed. You may use it as long as it is under 10. When it goes over, it hurts people’s eyes and just plain looks horrible.

Some other rules…

  • Using custom fonts is not allowed. They are hard to read to some younger players and they can bypass the ROBLOX chat filter, which is against the ROBLOX Terms is Service. This goes with typing with them and using commands with them.
  • You cannot change the meshes to head or hat meshes (on user-generated content) to something else on yours, or anyone else’s character using F3X. This makes a mess when it’s applied incorrectly. You will be warned for this. If you need to change a hat or head, use the appropriate command.


Being on your best behavior in the theatre is one of the most important things you need to do as an LR and HR. We expect you to follow all of these rules to ensure a professional environment here at EMPIRE. Proper consequences will be carried out to those who choose to not follow these expectations.

Avatar-Based Expectations

Although we encourage you to dress however you want, there are some things that aren’t quite acceptable. We will not tolerate troll outfits and any outfits that would be deemed offensive. Clothing that shows unfiltered words and slurs would fall into this category, and we would rather you not represent us by wearing that. The same would go for troll outfits, etc. Please remain professional.

How we expect you to behave on the theatre

We strive to have the best behaving staff in our group. While we want you all to have a fun experience here, there are some rules set behind this. Some of these rules would include:

  • Respecting other people. Even if you hold some type of grudge against somebody, we expect you to treat everyone with fairness and respect. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Any severe problems with disrespect can be taken to an Intern+.
  • Respect other peoples’ builds. Please don’t delete or mess up anybody’s builds on purpose. This will result in a warning or possible suspension. Be respectful to all builds. Be careful when selecting builds using Building Tools. The best option for selecting a large build is to create a part over the entire build, press Shift+K, and everything you want is selected. Being inconsiderate with your selections can get you in trouble if you delete them or edit them.
  • Remaining professional in the theatre is very important. Please, refrain from trolling and/or encouraging trolling. Along with this, make sure to not abuse caps or spam.
  • Insubordination towards HRs is not allowed under any circumstances.


It’s pretty self explanatory that abuse is not allowed at the theatre at any point. This section covers what to do during abuse and reporting it. If you get suspended for abuse, this explains what you do during your suspension.

In the event of abuse

If you see someone abusing in any way (admin abuse, F3X abuse, or game exploitation), you are to report it to HRs immediately. If someone is already reporting the user, here is what to do.

  • Stay calm. Spamming in the chat does no good. All it does is cause more havoc in the game.

  • Do not try and fight it. Using commands against their abuse also does no good. Spamming commands telling everyone to leave will get you suspended. Try not to use commands while the abuse is happening. The server is possibly already lagging trying to keep up with what’s happening and the commands are causing more lag.

  • Do not yell and scream at them. You’re feeding into the trouble and giving them the attention they want.

  • Do not try and get back at them. This is just common sense, you’re just going to get in trouble.

  • Let the HR’s do their work. Don’t solve it for us, we know what we’re doing. Let us handle the situation, we are trained and have knowledge in how to handle abuse our way, which is the correct way.

How to report abuse

Before you get an HR from the Discord server, please gather proof of them abusing. This is usually found by typing “/console” for F3X abuse, typing “:logs” or looking in the chat GUI for admin abuse, or screenshots/videos of exploitation. Take a screenshot of the console or admin logs and send them to an HR with their username and what they are doing. HRs will then suspend the user.

If you get suspended in the group

If you get suspended, you are to wait it out. If you don’t know the length of your suspension, ask an available HR and they will gladly tell you. If they say “DNR” or “do not rehire” you are ineligible to apply at the theatre for any applications or even join the theatre. To get off of this, you need to send a ban appeal. HoO+ reads these every so often. Even if you get unbanned, you are ineligible for any HR rank in the future. Try and stay off of this. During your suspension (if it’s temporary), you cannot join the theatre for the duration. Leaving the group (whether you rejoin or not) will get you put on Do Not Rehire! Wait out your suspension. The following actions can get you on Do Not Rehire during your suspension:

  • Leaving the group (rejoining)
  • Reapplying during suspension
  • Creating/using alternate accounts to bypass suspension (applying or not)
  • 2 suspensions found on your account
  • More proof showing more abuse
  • Arguing with HRs after denial of suspension
  • Getting banned from the Discord during your suspension
  • Sending an angry army of people after the HRs on behalf of your suspension (raids)

Once your suspension ends, an HR will re-rank you to the rank you previously were unless your suspension says to rank to Audience. You will have to reapply if this happens (it’s rare). If you think your suspension may be unfair (you need proof to prove it), you can DM an HR and they will evaluate your proof to see if it indeed was unfair. Your suspension is then archived. Just try not to get suspended.

Suspendable Offenses (Conclusion)

  • Carelessness towards other LRs builds (Deleting the set and not undoing when the play isn’t over, deleting booths without permission and not undoing, trashing builds on purpose by messing it up).
  • Blatant disrespect towards LRs and/or HRs.
  • Heavy admin abuse (Using :m over and over again, abusing commands by using “all,” not letting songs loop/playing troll music after being warned, using fun commands when not permitted to, etc).
  • Abusing technical controls (opening the curtains more than once, messing with lights, etc).
  • Using the hat command on themselves or other people the explosive bunny ears hat or the teacup hat (the bunny ears explode everyone and the teacup hat gives you gears).
  • Bypassing the ROBLOX filter (Saying swear words).
  • Building inappropriate builds.
  • Hitting 3 warnings or exceeding 3 warnings.


These rules are set in place for a reason. You are to follow them at all times. If you don’t you will receive punishment depending on the severity of the action. If you have any questions on these rules, DM an HR on our Discord server. Trying to find loopholes in these rules are not allowed. If there is a bug in these rules, an HoO+ will correct it. Follow these rules at all times and you will not receive punishment. If you have a question if you should do something or not, it’s always best to ask an HR before doing it.

Created by the EMPIRE Theatre Management Team