Empty servers despite the option for roblox to fill them as much as possible toggled!

Reproduction Steps

You can just go to the game servers tab, it is a 100 player game, yet it constantly creates a bunch of mini servers consisting of 4-5 players. This can cause people to not be as engaged because the game is meant to be played within a populated setting as it relies on player interaction.

Expected Behavior

As the setting “Fill each server as full as possible” is toggled ON, I figured this would mean that Roblox would only create new servers after the previous server became full.

Actual Behavior

This is one example of many, it happens on a consistent basis and I never put much thought into it. However I am very curious to what the feature “Fill each server as full as possible” actually does if it does not do that.


I could possibly make a lobby which teleports people to individual worlds which are its own world / place though connected to the entire experience. Example of games that do these are pretty broad on Roblox.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: East Brickton [Season 2] - Roblox
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


Is there a lag issue caused by more players that Roblox is detecting (slow servers)? That might be why they aren’t putting more that 10 players into the servers.

I am unsure. The server tends to run good though on full 100 players. This issue was even relevant when I had 60 players.

Hi marcus! Thanks for reporting this. This looks to me like it may be the same problem as the one discussed in this thread:

Fortunately, this means we plan to work on a fix for this in the near future! I’ve posted on this thread I’ve linked some more details, including likely causes of what you’re seeing.