[EN - LV] Translator for Hire [Free]

Hello fellow Developers! I’ll be dividing my topic in 4 parts :

1. Introduction
2. Why should you hire me?
3. Payment
4. Contact information

All of this information will be briefly explained.


I’m Techoye! I’m a developer from Latvia, I’m doing translation services for Free, I can translate any kinds of text, to localize your games, and have your players understand more about the game, by being able to select their language. I’ve been learning, and still am learning English for 12 years already.

Why should you hire me?

Latvian is my primary, and native language, which gives me an advantage over the other translators translating from English to Latvian. I’ve spoken ever since I could talk, and I’ve spoken English since I was 4. I have a lot of spare time, which makes me able to translate the text you want quickly, except for special and unexpected issues that might be associated with me or my relatives. I could translate any games, even the challenging ones.


As you read from the title, I’m doing these services for Free (currently), unless there’s a huge demand, but I’ll be updating this post, if that does indeed happen.
The text will be entirely translated by me.

Contact information

I prefer to be contacted through discord : Techoye#7468


DevForums Private Messages, so we can negotiate on the text and the possible if this is edited.


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