Enable link clicking for approved off-site URLs + Approve Patreon as an off-site URL

Hi! It’d be great and a lot easier to promote through things like Twitter & YouTube if off-site links that are approved of (like the aforementioned) were clickable. Currently, you have to highlight them completely (often difficult and annoying, most likely a tedious troublesome problematic task for most users), and right click them to, if you’re using Google Chrome, click the “Go to http://…” context menu button.

Also, it’d be great if users could sponsor content creators through Patreon a lot more easily (if you don’t know what Patreon is, check it out here). In other words, approving offsite links to patreon.com so that they don’t get moderated (and if the other suggestion I mentioned above is also implemented, it’d also raise clickthrough).

Side request: Can links to https://f3xteam.com be approved as well? :smirk:

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Not ideal obviously, but you can install an extension that makes URLs clickable.

True true, but the majority of users on ROBLOX will not install a Chrome extension just to click your links, and finding the right extension is also a shady, extremely risky experience given that many ROBLOX-related Chrome extensions are out there trying to steal account information (:ghost:). It’s also a much bigger step and less convenient (and the whole idea is to make clicking approved links more super convenient and easy)!

Who said anything about a ROBLOX extension?


Any chance this could be addressed?

Why patreon? Robux exist and it’s not that expensive to buy BC.

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I’m not sure how strict patreon is, but I could see it as a way to scam people out of real money. If nothing else, the actual expenses of the developer should be covered by game revenue and anything else can be covered off site at the developer’s risk. Patreon may also be against the TOS as selling game assets or such for real currency outside of DevEx.

As for other sites to be moderated, there is the issue that any site can change at any time. The current allowed links are for sites that have a reputable moderation team of their own and for the most part are safe. But if I were to set up my own site, I could have the moderation team look at a legit site. Once approved, I could do whatever I want with the site and even link forward to other websites.

Can only think of 2 valid reassons:

1.) Because someone doesn’t want to use robucks or PayPal? …Sounds scammy imo.
2.) Direct USD payments/donations/funding, no bc required.

The thing is that donating towards funding an effort is very expensive in ROBUX for users. 5 buys only 450 R, which when taxed and DevEx’d is $0.78.

Matt_Dusek and the ROBLOX team actually seem to support the use of external crowdfunding sites, like Patreon, so I really just want to confirm that this won’t get me banned or that it won’t get removed.

Sure, but the taxes that ROBLOX puts on R$ transactions are there for a good reason. I think you are going to run into trouble if you use Patreon/kickstarter/etc for profit rather than for funding a game. It’s written in the ToS that you can’t do such transactions. (i.e. you give people stuff in your game for donating to your patreon rather than them purchasing a game pass) I think Matt_Dusek meant that you could use the crowdfunding money to pay for sound uploads/etc and to hire people to work on developing your game.

Not that I have done this…

Only if you get caught/are publicly known to be selling your works via those sites is it against the ToS… Course you and your clientele can always come to an agreement to donating one desired item for the other because you two are both needy people. It’s completely legal and within the rules of ROBLOX because you are not selling anything at all but instead you are donating or trading one item for another. Completely within the ToS…

Of course, like I said,

All I really want is confirmation from ROBLOX staff that this is allowed and ideally to know if we could paste direct links, or if we have to paste the link into a tweet and link to that instead (more inconvenient and hard to communicate -> less clickthroughs).

False. That’s like saying murder is only a crime if you get caught. It’s still a crime. It’s still against the ToS.

Please don’t think evading the rules is OK guys.

Sarcasm, how can you not detect the sarcams in that post.

Maybe so, but I’ve known some fools in my time.