Enable other animChannel support for Chickynoid

Chickynoid CharacterModel animChannels fork :fork_and_knife:

This is a fork of a module script that comes inside the Chickynoid character controller system.

¿What does this fork fix?

When using CharacterData:PlayAnimation() with an animChannel other than animChannel0 animations do not get played as it seems chickynoid’s CharacterModel:Think() only flags if animChannel0 changed and only plays that channel, despite the fact of other animChannels being already replicated by CharacterData, and enums for them existing.

This fork only changes CharacterModel:Think(), characterModel:PlayAnimation() and CharacterModel.new(), so they support the other anim channels.

Heres a picture of it working (OLD PICTURE):

CharacterModel 1.3.rbxm (4.9 KB)

Previous versions:
CharacterModel 1.2.rbxm (5.0 KB)
CharacterModel 1.1 .lua (8.4 KB)
CharacterModel fork.lua (8.2 KB)


I’ve been following this chain of modifications you’ve made to Chickynoid, but making this one a fork seems quite strange. Have you thought of making a pull request on the GitHub?

It would make this more useful so that the changes would stay even while Chickynoid receives updates.

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I do not use github or know exactly what it is so no, also I am pretty sure I am not an expert on chickynoid and id rather not risk making an incorrect pull request and end up annoying the developer.

Also if I made a pull request I would probably suggest or add more features for replicated anims, such as fade out speed, trackspeed, and priority replication.

GitHub is a service that hosts code of projects, like Chickynoid. People are able to clone a local copy to their machine and then make changes in the form of pull requests where they get reviewed and applied to be source code.

I’m only asking because I’m digging into Chickynoid again and this would be very useful, but since Chickynoid updated last week it would mean the file you shared here is outdated.

At the very least, it would be nice if you could update it to the newest version.

I doubt the dev would care to take a look and apply my changes, and also I am not the best in this area so I would rather not submit code that could be improved.

Also if it did updated I should probably upgrade my placefile then.

Patch v1.2

Chickynoid has been updated which caused this script to break, it has now been updated.

  • Character no longer moonwalks when using the fork.
  • Starting anim now automatically gets set to channel 1
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Patch V1.3

  • Updated the script to work with Chickynoid V2.0, as the script was broken.
  • Using 0 as the animationEnum to stop an animation channel now works on animChannel0 too.

Chickynoid V2.0 changed a lot the way it worked, so I had to update and rewrite the script.

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Someone apparently has let me know that there is a bug related to Stopping animation tracks with this resource, I am working on fixing this, and will publish the patch ASAP.