Enable Platform Feedback for New DevForum members

Hello! I am really wanting to give the Platform a LOT of constructive, and meaningful feedback. However, like most, I am a ‘New Member.’ Some stay as ‘New Members’ for years, while some get promoted by being noticed.

I’ll add some quotes from another person that I liked from another thread, with my own comments:

The strike system also restricts you from doing anything bad.

New Members can find problems too, and most of the time, take the initiative, so I as a new member want rights to post on the ‘Platform Feedback’.

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This will not be happening. This would drastically reduce the signal to noise ratio of that category.

New Members can post in all categories of the developer forum by using the post approval procedure. You can also post replies to existing threads you don’t have access to using that procedure. I’m sure you have read about it in the rules, since we ask every new member to do this upon joining. If you didn’t happen to catch it, you can read more about it in the second paragraph of the first post here:


My ideas now are just blown up. I initially posted this- https://devforum.roblox.com/t/make-it-harder-to-become-a-new-devforum-member/252035/3 because I though ‘New Members’ would exploit. Now I’m trying to give more rights, but someone brings up them exploiting. This is again, simply my opinion, you can decide to choose it or not.

I can assure you we’ve discussed many times with developer relations staff on what categories new members should and shouldn’t have access to. It’s not that your ideas are blown up, it’s just that we’ve already discussed these in detail internally.

The post approval procedure can get your posts approved for any category you’d like in a matter of a day in most instances. This is not a major hurdle and it’s not a big deal. You can use the post approval procedure to get experience in writing good reports and feature requests, so that you can confidently post them on your own once you attain the Member trust level.


I noticed it is the case that New Members cannot reply to Feature Requests (without post approval) but New Members can reply to Bug Reports without post approval.

Is there a particular reason for Feature Requests to require post approval? Sorry if I’m missing something.

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We found that less experienced forum members often pick up more quickly how to respond properly to bug reports (not much room for variation here) compared to feature requests (where responses are often more free-form / discussion-like and often more abstract than bug report replies).


You took this straight from my reply to your topic about making it harder to get into the forums. If you’re going to do something like this, quote my post please.

Along with your post, as you said previously in that same topic I linked, you said new members aren’t to be trusted, which can be true for some as they don’t quite understand the rules of the forums yet and we have access to the moving process of topics via TLC’s anyway.

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What do you mean by exploiting? And blown up. And you’re a new member too.