Enable the Discourse sidebar


For quite some time now, Discourse has had a sidebar option on Meta, and more recently in the past few months in the tests-passed branch.

The sidebar is extremely useful for navigation, and I think the DevForum count benefit from having it.


I fully support this

I like how you’re in a personal chat with me even though I only have Lillinator and 2-4-6-8 (twofoursixeight) in there

and I hope there will be a URL to the roblox homepage there, but Discourse have a custom sections there and I can make a link there :slight_smile:


Going to bump this as it’s been out for a while now


Just letting you know that we are currently reluctant to enable this because we are generally striving for a unified UX between the forum and other parts of the creator web products and this would be a further departure from that.

This is not a strict yes/no answer to your feature request, it’s just slightly more complex trade-off for us than just turning it on. (w.r.t. in-progress changes and future changes on our internal roadmap for the forum)


I was wondering if this is more relevant now that the creator website has a more defined sidebar? Recently they also added the ability for sitewide custom links which would be able to mirror the ones on the creator website.

To be clear, it’s not about the fact whether it is a “side bar” or not. It’s about the general design system differences and a different feature set between discourse side bar and creator hub side bar.

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Seems there’s a disregard for the fact that the Discourse sidebar can be collapsed… Plus, this is discourse, not creator hub, it’s already different as it is.

The different designs are really just negligible, I don’t get how people would somehow not be able to recognise, adapt to, and use discourse’s design along with the creator hub.

Difference between Devforum and another forum that uses the sidebar, I know I mentioned the creator hub but like I said, this is discourse, it’s already different as it is so it shouldn’t matter, I’m just showing here that users can choose to hide the sidebar and it’d look like it has always been

I barely even noticed nor do I use this menu, having a sidebar would actually invite me to use these more since as of now, they’re packed in this hamburger menu thing.


I think they’re trying to unify the design between everything (hence the studio redesign coming soon), which is fine, but is unfortunately just a UX bottleneck at the end of the day. The Create page follows material design (:frowning:) and the forum does not. Because of this, it limits more modern discourse features/components (like new user cards, sidebar, etc).