Enable UIS to detect tab presses in Studio and some other changes

Tab seems like the perfect thing to toggle this on and off instead of it auto-hiding and popping up in the way whenever you move your mouse over to the left side of the screen. I went to do this and found that tab doesn’t register InputBegan in studio. It does this other thing where it cycles to another button i.e. the new button, the open button, or even a plugin. I imagine that’s a default feature packed in for using a Windows window, but it doesn’t exactly have any use here. If tab is pressed [size=4]in the render window[/size], nothing should happen and it should register InputBegan for tab. It should still function normally in regards to entry fields and whatnot elsewhere. I can think of all kinds of plugins that could use tab as a toggle for their menu – there’s not really another good key for it either. Tilde is too far up, caps lock would be annoying since it may interfere with typing letters, shift and control wouldn’t work because they’re frequently pressed for other things, alt wouldn’t work for the same reason tab doesn’t, but for a slightly more useful reason, and then there aren’t really any other good buttons that would feel good to press for that purpose. Letter keys would feel too small to be a menu toggle.