Enabled/disabled GUI screen not working

so this is my first time trying to script GUI’s and i’m facing some issues right now

as you can see, here’s a GUI i made, and what i want to achieve is, when the SaveButton is clicked, it will open a new ScreenGUI with 3 buttons parented for 3 save files slots

and this is what i’ve tried so far

ive been reading RobloxDocs but i don’t know exactly what the issue here is, how can i make that SaveButton (“text button”) Enabled property switch between true/false with only one click?

This should work.

local SaveButton = script.Parent
local SaveMenu = SaveButton:FindFirstChild("SaveMenu")

	if SaveMenu.Enabled then
		SaveMenu.Enabled = false
		SaveMenu.Enabled = true
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it worked well, thank you for the help!

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So I guess his script was not working because when the function executes it sets the GUI screen to enabled and then the if statement gets overwritten?

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