Enabling "Allow HTTP Requests" causes game lag?

Hello, I wanted to know something, I have an Obby game but lately it has a lot of delay, for example when opening a UI delay, the traps take time to kill you, the rotating blocks crash, etc.

So I wanted to know if enabling “Allow HTTP Requests” causes lag in the game. I have it activated by a game ban system and also because I have an option where players within the game can write comments and send them.

Also, my Obby game has auto-save levels, so you stay at your level where you were, and I wanted to know if it is necessary to have the “Allow HTTP Requests” activated for the auto-save option to work. Thank you very much (Sorry if you don’t understand me since I speak Spanish and I don’t know English)


Moved it to #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, as it seems to be a technical problem around scripts.

I don’t believe it is causing lag directly to the game, there must be other factors such as inefficient exeuction of methods. HTTP requests are not done constantly and only occasionally, which means there is no evidence for a memory leak or so, unless there was bad practice.


Enabling HTTP Requests does not cause lag, you might not have optimized code for http requests.

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HTTP Requests will not lag the game at all. It has to be a problem with a script or a part causing the lag into your game.

Is it possible that some script that needs HTTP is causing the delay? If so, how could I know?

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You would have to look into the scripts themselves to see if they are calling an HTTP request by any chance, although I highly doubt that an obby would call for HTTP requests (since it should be mostly just killing on touch).

The moving parts that are crashing the game, Check the scripts in the parts and see if there are any problems with the output and see if the script has anything to do with HTTP in it.

Try sending me your script of the moving part and I can look into it if you have problems!

Yeah I am sure it has nothing with HTTP. He needs to check into the script that is all.

Nos podemos comunicar en Español? :frowning:

El sistema de Baneo necesita HTTP?

No es necesario que sea HTTP. (It does not need to be HTTP for moving parts.)

All the moving part does is kill. You need to add a kill part script into the part.