Enabling and disabling Transform tool produces garbage in CoreGui

Enabling Transform tool creates a ScreenGui and various adornments that are not destroyed when disabling the tool, nor they are reused when the tool is enabled again. The tool creates a new ScreenGui and adornments every time it is toggled on.

Tested on different devices, different games, with different accounts. The issue is present in all cases.
Disabled plugins as well, to no avail.

I have no idea when the issue started occuring for the first time as I don’t check CoreGui that often and I don’t use the Transform tool at all in my workflow. I only found out when randomly clicking buttons on the ribbon bar.


Reproduction steps

  1. Enable CoreGUI display in Explorer in Studio settings
  2. Toggle Transform tool
  3. Watch garbage appear in CoreGui every time the Transform tool is toggled on

That bug is… 3 years old. Awesome I guess?

What makes it even more bizarre is that this doesn’t look like a very difficult thing to fix

Shame Transform tool didn’t catch on, it’s a very convenient tool. Personally I would even use it if it wasn’t so outdated.

I think mostly it’s just filling in for shortcomings with the other draggers. It has some handy features such as the ability to change the active plane, but the base draggers do mostly everything else. If Roblox provided a way to combine all of the draggers (move, scale, rotate) together + added plane handles, I think usage of this tool would drop off pretty significantly.

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Following up on this!

A fix for this issue is coming soon! Will update the thread when it will be shipped!

Thank you for your patience!


A fix should be shipped in a week or two’s time!


The issue should be fixed now!

Thank you for your patience!


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