Enabling Depth of Field causes memory to shoot up

As far as I know, I’m just now noticing this. I could be misinterpreting, but here are the facts as I’ve observed:

The real problem here is that the memory never gets dumped. It’s fine and expected for it to go up at a faster rate with depth of field enabled, but it leads to large amounts of memory because it never gets dumped.

-The memory when joining my game is about 520 megabytes. If I idle for around 5 minutes, this number will only usually go up to 525.
-If I turn on Depth of Field on at runtime via a setting my game has, the memory will go from 520 megabytes to 550 in about 2 minutes.
-The excess memory does not get dumped

I’ve tested this multiple times.

These are the properties the DoF object has: image