Enact a Zero-Tolerance policy for Troll Posts

It’s been deleted at the point, not just unlisted.

I just got sent it. As hilarious as it is that someone put that together, yeah not exactly devforum material

Imo immediately banning obvious trolls will just encourage further trolling and maybe even challenges to see how long you can last on the devforum. A preventative measure would be much better than a responsive one for these cases.

This is what happened with the ten second flag challenge that was posted the same day as the Among Us post went up, so it already has happened.

It this becomes a severe issue, we might have to resort to manually accepting people on the DevForum, or maybe increase the read time to become a member.

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Given the state of #lounge, it unfortunately is “Devforum material”, just in the wrong category. The fact #lounge exists and allows posts like that diminishes a lot of the arguments to be made against them.


I feel like most of the DevForum trolling community thinks that the regulars have this awesome lounge category where they play Among Us and post memes when in reality (what I’ve heard from other regulars, I can’t confirm this since I’m a member) it is only there for legacy and it is a very inactive category. In my opinion, I think removing the lounge is the best idea since it doesn’t really belong in the current state of the DevForum where it is public access.


I agree, except it seems staff members are having problems trying to tell whether a post is a troll post or not.


My flag for this was declined, this person knows how to code and if you look in comments, it is a troll post.

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roblox javascript edition

bottom text

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Removing a whole category over some trolls isn’t the solution.
This wasn’t a problem until recently, and I don’t believe anything about #lounge changed lately.

I still stand by this, right now it’s just too easy for them to troll, to the point where the effort of doing so is nothing compared to the joy they get when their post blows up. Either posts need to be taken down quicker or they need to be prevented from being posted in the first place.

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What did you say? Is this another troll post?

no, not a troll. just imaginationity

I think he was just making a joke. Though trolling on this thread would have an element of irony to it.


Maybe a solution should be to lock replies once a topic gets flagged by the community? I don’t know, but the moderators need to step up and prevent others from making these trolling posts.

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I like that one. Though it could be abused, so maybe only when Regulars flag?

They need to get a post approval system working again because as discussed in this post, there are not enough active regulars to make this an efficient way for this to work.

How did post approval work before it was removed, and why was it removed?
Biggest issue I can see with such a system is posts taking a long time to be approved.

It got removed before I joined but from what I have heard, before a member posted in a category regulars can only post in (such as bug reports, feature requests, etc.) a moderator would have to review their post before it came up. It got removed in September because it became too much of a strain on the small moderation team.

Well it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to re-introduce it, since that’d just put the strain back on.
And it wouldn’t solve the trolling in #development-discussion either.

Well I know the staff members are doing their best because right after you posted that link, a moderator closed the topic, so they might be reading this feature request right now because they are also sick of closing troll topics.

We still need to think of an efficient way of preventing people from making these topics.

It was overwhelming for the staff. They couldn’t handle thousands of requests every day.