Encasing player in a statue

I am trying to create a “statue” around the avatar when they touch an object. I got it to make the statue y cloning it from Replicatedstorage using the following:

local statueClone = statue:Clone()
			statueClone.Parent = game.Workspace
			statueClone.rootPart.CFrame = CFrame.new(humanoid:FindFirstChild('HumanoidRootPart').Position)

Once the statue is created, though, I get the error 
ServerScriptService.StatueScript:68: attempt to index nil with 'Position'

I tried using statueClone.Position = humanoid:FindFirstChild('HumanoidRootPart').Position instead, but it gives the same problem

PS- Statueclone is a model which consists of three parts, of which one is called rootPart.

The statue is supposed to be destroyed a few seconds later, but it never reaches this step, presumably due to the above error.

wouldn’t this work?
statueClone.rootPart.CFrame = CFrame.new(humanoid:FindFirstChild(‘HumanoidRootPart’).CFrame)

No, I tried it and got
ServerScriptService.StatueScript:68: attempt to index nil with ‘CFrame’

Is rootPart a member of StatueClone? Is humanoid already defined? Maybe try this?

statueClone.rootPart.CFrame = humanoid:FindFirstChild('HumanoidRootPart').CFrame

Use statueClone:SetPrimaryPartCFrame() to set the CFrame for the model and make sure the primary part of the model is identified (should be automatically set to the HumanoidRootPart).

Thank you very much, this worked!