End Game Button

Hello, and today i was struggling on how to make a End game Button for the sword-fight game that Alvin Blox and decided to Add Vip Server Gui to make a End game button. I was thinking that i could kill all the player, But i don’t know if their is really any other options so, yea.

Sorry if this is not Professional

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Yes, you could kill the players that are in the current match, and then make a script checking if their health is zero, if it is, then end the current match, make sure to disable resetting so the game doesn’t have a panic attack.

When the players enter a match or a round, you could store all those players in a table, and when the game ends or if you force it to end via an End game button you could remove them from that table and clear their backpack of any weapons

That will break the Whole Main game script, sadly.

it allows resetting, as it has safety standards for if a player dies.

You could probably do this

local endGameButton = script.Parent -- the button or anything

    for _, v in ipairs(game:GetService("Players"):GetPlayers()) do

sorry if there’s any indentation problems, I wrote the whole script in here. this will just reload everyone’s characters

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