Endless maze runner game

Just started making this, looking for some feedback before i go on and do much more.
It’s, as title says, an endless maze game.

The maze gets generated randomly as you go through it. Zombies get placed in your way and will either roam around or wait until they see you then charge forwards.

I’ve not finished off the coin or object collection, so at the moment you can get these but they aren’t saved anywhere. I’ll plan on being able to use coins to buy cosmetics (maybe trails or something like that). There are rarer collectable fruits scattered around, they will either give more coins for collecting, or might be used to exchange for better rewards.
I want to add in some collectable power ups too, so e.g. would give you limited time invincibility, or a gun to shoot zombies. Would love to hear any other power up ideas that I could put in.

The maze will disappear behind you, so you must keep moving forward, or you fall into the void and die.

The lobby is not at all finished, I’ve put a high scores board in, but it needs to be changed from being an empty box room. I’m not quite sure what theme / look to give it, but will update when I have better ideas for it.

There’s lots more to put in still, needs things like spectate mode, GUI to see stats, change settings, etc. but wanted to get feedback on the core of the game while i work on all those…

Thanks for looking!


This was really fun, and a neat idea! However, something I noticed was one of the times, I died instantly, without actually loading in. It is a neat concept, and you did it pretty well. The zombie ai is a bit wonky (at one point, my path was cut off by a zombie, but the zombie just stood there not moving while the void closed in behind me. I died to that zombie, and my score didn’t appear on the leaderboard).

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Just played the game and it was really fun, even got 1st place on both highscore leaderboards. But my only concern is when I spawned in one time, I got stuck in the floor. Besides that great game, I could play for hours and not get bored!

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Thanks for the feedback, that’s really nice to hear!
And well done on the high scores, I might have to try to do better now…

I’ve seen the problem here with spawning in, I can’t get it to break in studio yet but I’m looking at this and I’ll get it fixed.
I will also try to make the zombies a bit smarter, or at least not get stuck.

The saving scores problem should be fixed.

Thanks again for looking,


No problem! I’ll definitely play again sometime. Hope the issues are fixed, good luck! :grin:

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I’ve updated the zombie AI so they should move more smoothly now.
The power up coins now give you a 10 second shield which protects you from any zombie attacks. More power ups will be coming soon…

I think the bug loading into a round is fixed. The map is created on the fly, the problem was that you were being teleported before all parts had fully replicated over to the client. I’ve added some extra checks to wait for everything to load. If anyone looks and still dies straight away please do let me know.

Coins collected are all saved now, shop with things to spend them on is coming next.

I sorta fell into the void on distance 48, is this a glitch?

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Hi, thanks a lot for looking!

If the maze behind you disappeared and you fell off because of that, then its deliberate - it does that to make sure you have to always keep moving forwards.
If you fell off from some other way then it might be a glitch, if you’ve got any more detail on what happened would be really useful.

Thanks again

The first time i tried to play the game i got stuck at the loading screen. I had to rejoin the game to play. I’m also wondering if the loading screen is actually loading something or if it’s there for decoration. The game itself was fun when i got to play it. One thing i think you should add is a powerup that lets you kill zombies.

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Thanks! I’ll have a look at the thing getting stuck see if i can find and fix that. You’re right the loading screen isn’t currently loading much its just there for decoration. When I’ve added in more sounds and stuff I’d probably pre-load them here, but I quite like to have a custom screen at the start even if it is just decorative.
I agree, definitely want to add some killing power ups, that would be fun to have

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The bugs with getting stuck or dying loading in should all be fixed now I hope.

I’ve been working on making the lobby look better. This is not at all finished yet, I need to add in more details, fix the lighting better, add some place with seats to sit down, and probably more stuff - but here’s a WIP picture.

I’ve added in a shop so you can now use coins you collect to buy cosmetic trails. I still need to finish off the shop build too and I’ll probably make the GUI for this a bit better, but at the moment the core inventory / buying logic is done.


The lobby is now almost all built

I still need to finish the area to the left of the screenshot here, it will be some sort of lab / scientific bay, and I’ll use it to show information about the different enemies and power ups in the game.

I’ve added a kill power-up, which will blast all zombies within range when you collect it

Next on my list are

  • ice - slows down all zombies it hits
  • speed - gives you a temporary speed boost

if anyone else has good idea of power ups I’d love to hear them.

I’ve added in pets as well as trails, both can be bought with coins that you collect while playing

I’m not 100% happy with the UI here, it looks a bit cluttered to me. Again any feedback on this or how it could be better laid out would be really useful.

I’ll add in higher tier trails later that will have fancier visuals, and I’m thinking of adding some in that are earned rather than bought (e.g. running a certain distance in the maze, or getting on the weekly leaderboard)

Thanks again for looking and any feedback or suggestions are all appreciated

updated the shop gui, I think this looks clearer now

This literally looks like PAC-MAN. Not an original idea, but I like how you remade it, still creative, despite not being your own idea. I like it.
Side note: the pets are kind of generic, they’re just like the pets you see in simulator games. Here’s a suggestion: make the pets actually look like pets, and not just squares with decals put on them. It’s what Epic Minigames does, they actually used realistic animals as pets, and not floating cubes.

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Yes, it’s very much based on pac man. I did change ghosts to be zombies though! :zombie:

I am not a good modeller, at all, so yes you’re absolutely right that the pets are fairly simple (n.b. credit needed to @Aziuus for making a community resource for these, which I have used and adapted)
At some point I’d love to have rigged and animated pets as they would look better, but I’ll probably need to slowly work my way up to that

Here’s a starter: (1) Duck Rig - Roblox
It has animations and separate parts, and it’s the first step up to actual pets.

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Thanks a lot, I’d not seen that before - I will definitely check that out!

I’ve finished building the lobby now, I think

There’s some help and instructions here, a captured zombie. And looking the other way some random machines and experiments going on

I’ve added a radio option

And a spectate option so from the lobby you can watch people playing.

The pathfinding chasing zombies are now back, and should be working properly (they were in the very first version but were bad at getting stuck and cutting corners). I’ve been working on the pathfinding and movement for them and they should be better now.

Finally I’ve added some custom messages for when someone dies, to show where you were and what killed you

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A small update to this, have now finished a working trading system and UI, so can swap pets with other players.

I’ve added in a side room to the lobby where if you have duplicate pets (you need 5) you can upgrade them into a neon glowing variant

And I’ve been working on the GUI adding hover animations and trying to make it look a bit better. Can’t see it here but the glow round the neon pets is animated too.

Thanks for looking, any feedback on stuff that could look better please say!


This is really good, reminds of of pac man, this is Sooooooo Gooooood!!!