Endless Synthwave Loop

Here’s an endless synthwave loop that i made

You can visit the game here

There isn’t much in the game , but feedback is welcome and i’m open to any suggestions

I plan on making a game related to this soon.


This is a pretty sick game though I’m not sure what purpose it’d have. Good job

This is some amazing piece of work. Great job! Would work perfectly for some sort of shooting game where you just advance and go forward killing enemies (people from the 80s perhaps) until you hit the end.

How do you make infinitely looping things?

@Luxorz Thanks , at this point it’s just meant to be a endless loop where you can play synthwave / aesthetic music and chill

@starmaq Thanks ! That idea does sound fun , like a 3D version of space invaders , but Synthwave

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions (:


There are two ways that you can achieve this

  • You can have a part placed at the begining of the model and one towards the end , tween the camera between these points and after it reaches to target point teleport it back to the start position, and it will appear as if it’s infinitely going forward if done correctly

  • You can clone the models and place them at calculated distances every few seconds , which again would work infinitely , and with StreamingEnabled enabled , the parts that are far away will unrender , and won’t cause performance issues

This is pretty cool. Good job!


( 30 Characters )

Watching this is pretty fascinating. I do think it would be super cool if the waves and peaks moved a little bit like flowing and bobbing. Overall, pretty interesting.

That’s… amazing! I wonder what the game related to it will be like.

Thanks for the suggestion , that sounds cool , might actually add that

@WeeWDiedrich Thanks , not entirely sure but it’ll be an interesting concept

Nice. Very nice.

A nice little addition would be if you could choose what music plays in the background, and that the color of the neon changes on the color and pulses to the beat.

Just a little suggestion!

Thanks for the suggestion , i’ve now added

  • An audio visualizer [ The sun pulses to the beat ]
  • Ability to play any song

Also the UI can be completely hidden by jumping

wow that was quick! Thanks a bunch! :smiley:

All we need now is a selection of 80’s cars with enough neon to blind you, cities with buildings that could be mistaken for motherboards, a spaceship that shoots laser beams that sound like electric guitar strings, a rhythm based system to match w/ all the synthwave that’s going to be thrown at you…

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Wow this is unique and mind blowing, nice creation you got there mate, I love to see more update with this game : )

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Thanks a lot , I plan on turning it into a fully functional game based on some of the things @LolYouDiedFirst suggested very soon.

I’m open to any suggestions and more feedback (:

This is much more optimized, because you don’t have to change many instances at once. The general rule of thumb in game development is prefer less, not more.

Yes, and no. StreamingEnabled will save a lot of memory on client, but the server memory will suffer.

The synthwave loop is okay. It does stutter, and the sun should be static instead of visualized.
I think you will find steam games like Vecter to be a great inspiration to what you’re trying to achieve.

Certainly , I just checked out gameplay and it’s pretty much the idea I had in mind and will be great insipiration along with other games like Neon Drive , i’m surely gonna make this soon , Thanks.

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