Endorsed Tag For Certified Games

I don’t think the format would fit this post well, so I’ll make my own.

At the moment, it’s too hard to separate the “Games” from the “Projects” in the games search engine. Any time you search for a game, there will always be 4 duplicate games by other people with no content.


I think we’re all familiar with this problem, but it may be hard for roblox to fix because everybody needs to have their games appear on the search engine.

The way I propose we fix this is by adding in Endorsed Games (Think Endorsed Models with a Twist). Once a game has existed for 3 months (for instance), the game developer will see a button in the dropdown menu that says “Apply for Endorsement.” When they click this, it’s like moderating an asset. A roblox mod will be presented the game, and if the mod can verify that it fits the below criteria, the game will become endorsed, appear first under search results, and have a check mark at the bottom (Not on the image because people would just copy the image onto their icon).

  • Not a Copy or Knockoff
  • Stable enough for a release
  • It’s good

Other ways of going about this would be to

  • Have mods find games on their own, and neglect the submit feature all together
  • Instead of waiting 3 months, treat it how Active Places are treated, but only allow two or three of them
  • Automatically Endorse the game after 20K visits or whatever number

I think this is a good way to ensure new players don’t click on the wrong game and think it’s just a bad game. This could seriously impact games on different platforms because if the real game does not support mobile or xbox, it will shot show up in search results, but the fake game that ticked the box will show up in the search results, and the real game would lose any kind of hype or player base on that platform.

Maybe “Endorsed” isn’t the right word because that might sound like the platform supports the content of the game. Maybe Certified would be the right word?

Twitter & some other platforms already do this to prevent fake accounts from impersonating real accounts.


Interesting idea, and it would allow for mods to tell who’s-stealing-what easier in stolen content situations.

However it would also require more work on the moderator’s part (having them find games on their own or not — which I also think is a bad idea, btw, just in terms of manpower).

This would still need to be reviewed by moderators though. Maybe at the threshold, it should automatically send an application to be endorsed.


Official, authentic, or verified would work as well.

I don’t think this would allow for mods to tell …

because in my experience they will state that the content could’ve been stolen or leaked and that there’s nothing they can do. Although bigger game creators may get special treatment.


If you can prove you made something, and someone else is using it in their game without your permission, there should be no reason to not do anything.

I guess, though, in the case of lesser-known developers, that won’t be as easy to tell… This stuff is messy. We really need better content protection systems.

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I think a previous version should be sufficient evidence, and to be honest this isn’t about determining who stole what - the point of this thread is for users to be able to find games that are reliable and fun to play. Like I said, it separates the “games” from the “Projects.” Half of the games on roblox are just open baseplates to be honest. Think about how many people never even touch the develop page, much less learn studio and make a good game. Something like this would make it easy to differentiate games that are just starting out & possibly buggy, from the games that have a structured code base and are ready to ship.


Nope. This likely is against Roblox’s idea for the platform being self-sufficient. This is why Endorsed Models were discontinued.

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here’s an twist on it that I thought of (please excuse if this has already been suggested)

when a game is featured, it receives some sort of symbol on the game page, showing it’s a featured game on Roblox.

but also, once the game is removed from feature sort, it retains that symbol/ some sort of acknowledgement, so slowly Roblox will build up an catalog of certified games as it features more and more games. (Maybe cross-platform could potentially have an issue with this)

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I believe a large reason to why all stolen asset/game cases are not resolved because it could potentially take hours to resolve each individual case because moderation cannot blindly take anyone’s word, and there is likely hundreds of them submitted on a daily basis, meaning lesser known developers may not get priority/anyone to give it a justifiable review and support might simply move on.

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