Engaging Gamepass Icons

How do you create engaging gamepasses? I have no ideas on how gamepasses should look? Currently my gamepasses are very unique, and I just have no idea on how they should look.
I am defintley trying to change how they look, I just wanted some feedback on how to make them engaging and how they should look, before I start making them for real.
Please help me out

Please show your icons, and come with some kind of magical way to create a certain type of icons for a specific target audience.

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Look at other game’s game passes for an example or inspiration. Is the game pass a donation? Tip jar or money in the thumbnail! Is it selling the player a skin, weapon or character/role? Showcase what you’re selling in the image! Is it a currency multiplier? Plaster an x2 on your currency’s icon! If you’re already doing this and aren’t very satisfied still, perhaps take a shot from a different angle and try adding some effects using side programs? You don’t have to be flashy or original, consistent style is enough to give the player the idea that you somewhat know what you’re doing. SO perhaps instead of that 2d png, have Roblox characters shaking hands?
Example passes from Guts & Blackpowder:

I wished they used the same font instead of 2 different :sob: But I hope you get the idea of consistency.

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SO perhaps instead of that 2d png, have Roblox characters shaking hands?

That one was a mistake, I had one similar to the others, but for some reason instead of being transparent in the edges it was black. I just changed it because none of them are going to hold up to the future.

But thanks for the advise, I’ll use it when making the icons for the gamepasses.

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