Engine Bug - GUI Objects are occasionally scaled wrong

I’ve been noticing this issue for a couple weeks within my game - some UI objects are sometimes scaled wrong until their properties are changed slightly.

Here is what I mean:

As you can see, the gray inner frame is scaled wrong at first until its parent frame is adjusted slightly. No properties were changed for the gray inner frame.

This issue also happens in-game, not only in studio.

Here is an example that a user sent me:

Its a bit hard to see, but the background imageLabel behind the color picker GUI is smaller than it should be.

Here is a clearer example with the same UI:

and here is what its supposed to look like:

there were no changes done to the scaling properties of the ImageLabel between these two screenshots.

I’ve also noticed this issue happen in other games I’ve played, where certain textLabels and other UI objects are not scaled properly until I resize the roblox window.

My system information:

Windows 10 PC (Version 10.0.19042)
Intel Core i7-9700K CPU - 3.6GHz
RTX 2070 GPU


Hi @Enqrypted , thanks for your report! We will be looking into this issue shortly. Also, if possible, please provide a place or rbxm file to help us reproduce the issue and verify the fix. Thank you!


Here is a blank place with the same UI that is usually showing this issue.
Baseplate.rbxl (42.7 KB)

Every time the open up this place file and set the frame as visible, the items inside the frame are scaled wrong until I slightly resize:

Hi @Enqrypted , thanks for the place file. It’s helpful to know the time when this happens is when you set the frame as visible. This is a known issue which we have been working on. The fix should be in soon.


Hey, I’m not entirely sure if that issue is the same since I am not using AutomaticSize in this case.


I think I am having exact same issue on my project. I currently use this code to fix this issue;

function module.ApplyAncientFix(ins: GuiButton)
		while true do
			ins.Size = ins.Size + UDim2.new(0,0,0,1)
			ins.Size = ins.Size - UDim2.new(0,0,0,1)

Here is the gui model file I am experiencing the issue on;
reproductionfile.rbxm (12.3 KB)

Note: When I experience this issue on my game it creates this gui scaling bug also on the studio gui view aswell. However when I was packing the gui file to upload it here the issue didnt show up on the studio. If my reproduction file doesnt work then do not take it seriously.

I can confirm this happens with DockWidgetPluginGuis as well. If the widget is set to automatically open in an area other than float, then it will place the widget in the correct position but the UI will be scaled as if it were still in float mode.

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I have confirmed that your issue in the attached place file was fixed by the change. This change is not only affecting cases using AutomaticSize. We appreciate your patience while waiting for our fix to roll out!


Hey, it’s been almost two months and this issue still persists unfortunately.

Is there any update on how things are progressing with the fix?

Hi @Enqrypted , sorry for the inconvenience. We are currently working on the fix and hopefully can provide an update soon. Thanks for your patience!


This bug has been happening to all my games for about a week or two. Basically some gui elements seem to load with no size despite having it set in window properties. It fixes itself when either a screen or element gets resized. It occurs in game and in studio.

Bug is still happening in my game aswell