English to Spanish (Translator for hire) (1 robux per word)

ABOUT ME :thinking:
Hey, I’m demoniocanario13, I’m very experimented at english (I recently got my B1 diplome) and I’m native spanish speaker so I’m translating every english text to spanish you send me, you can check the price down here it’s very affordable but it can change depending of how long the text I have to translate is, we can easily negociate the price, I like to satisfy my customers so we can talk about the price.

EXAMPLES :spiral_notepad:
Example of a normal dialogue:
Hey, how was your day? mine was good, at least I had a great coffee at Karin’s cafeteria.

Hola, ¿Cómo estuvo tu día? el mío estuvo bien, al menos me tome un café muy bueno en la cafetería de Karin.

Game dialogue:
Sergeant John, we have problems on the sector 3. The soldier James says that it’s an emergency!

Sargento John, tenemos problemas en el sector 3. ¡El soldado James dice que es una emergencia!

WORKED ON :man_factory_worker:
I haven’t worked in anything yet, because I’m new but I hope to be able to add my done translation jobs here.

PRICE :dollar:
My actual price is 1 robux per word, in my opinion is a good price but it can change depending of how much I have to translate, also I accept payments of EURO ONLY via PayPal, we will talk about the price when my work is finished and depending of how much strings I have to translate.

REQUIREMENTS :closed_lock_with_key:
I’ll accept any job, because I’m avalible almost everyday, but you need to accept this requirements: Give credits, of course be able to pay me after I’m done, don’t waste my time (Hiring me and then saying things like “Oh sorry I found another one with better price”) and finnally tell me how much I need to translate to manage my time to do it (I’m not always avalible but almost everyday). Don’t worry about the translation, when I’m working I always send screenshots of how is going the job.

CONTACT :loudspeaker:
Discord: Democcio#0013


Keep in mind that just because you are fluent in Spanish does not mean you can translate to English.
You have to be 100% fluent (both formal and informal) in both languages for you to be able to offer services.


Cant I just use google translate or a free online translator to save costs? I feel like there is little to no demand for this service

Google translator isn’t reliable it doesn’t work very well at translating

I know sir, that’s why I said if you aren’t satisfied with the final result you don’t have to pay

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I mean what else could he add?

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Hmm, I am a Spanish guy, I speak English SO well and I am Romanian.
But by the way, 2 robux per word is okay but if you look it on the translator that could be bad, I could do that too.

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Yes that’s what I was saying, google translator is bad as hell

@Raidrias Google Translate is horrible if you want accurate translation. You’re wrong that there is little demand - translation is a viable job and nearly all major developers hire somebody to do it.

@ALANWAL44 Most commonly hired doesn’t mean best - I’m sure there is some Spanish translator working for Disney or Google that’s far better than Drone. Either way, the fact that there’s a better developer isn’t a reason to not post commissions. Demonio wants to start taking commissions for Spanish-English translation, and he hasn’t shown any work so we don’t really know who’s better - not that it really matters.

@demoniocanario13 Even if you haven’t worked on a game, you should provide an example of a paragraph in both English and Spanish that you have translated to show your capabilities. Showing work will always improve your chances of being hired - people don’t want to pay somebody if it means a risk for them.

Good luck!


That’s an alright term, but make sure you don’t get scammed. :slight_smile:

You should try to make it more detailed.

Why don’t you talk about your experience as a translator? I bet you’ve translated at least one game
You should also be more exact in terms of saying that you got a certificate

Use a better structure for your portfolio (you can get inspired by mine)


If you are looking forward for the best experience for people to play, then you should get a reliable source to translate your games. Google translate is prettty innacurate and can mix contexts, best thing would be to hire experienced localizers.

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You shouldn’t exactly say that…

If you’re not satisfied with the final result you don’t have to pay.

… because there is no reason to not be satisfied with it most of the time? I mean this is just an easy vulnerability to scam you for anyone out there. I highly recommend you don’t do this as there is not much of a way to be unsatisfied with something you most likely don’t even understand in the first place.

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That is a lot better! I just suggest adding a bit more to the ABOUT ME section! Thanks.


Updated since I got my B1 diplome recently