English/British Houses Feedback (WWII Era)

I’m making a game for a Home Guard group based in WWII, pretending as if Operation Sea Lion and the German Invasion of Great Britain actually took place. Tell me what you think of the first few houses/any suggestions. I hope to make a little town and then scatter some other houses and use Roblox terrain to make a bit of the coastline. None of them are done yet (no interiors, one has no roof, and 3 have no doors) but just ignore that component for now it’s more of a concept build if I can properly master British architecture and that “aesthetic/vibe.”

Pictures (second is an older build I intend to remake so I figured I would include it):


Nice, I think the designs of the houses fit perfectly for a British look.

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Those houses looks great, but I would recommend changing some of the windows colors to give it a better perspective. Keep up the good work :+1:

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Decent build, you could place different color frames around the windows to improve the design a bit more, you’ll normally see British building feature different shades of colors on the window frame white selection or other window types so on and so forth.

The material and window design looks good but perhaps add a different selection on windows they seem to feature “square type windows, “I’m assuming the old British town houses feature that architecture design you’ve seem to accomplish the old chimney additional details. Insofar a few of the windows don’t match the style of the house I’m still curious these are old British town houses since it’s around (WWII)?

If your wanting some of the windows with different styles adding white shaded frames so that it matches the town buildings itself. You could even add some wall lighting features in the front entrance if it’s needed; other then that love the architecture design. I’d be interested to see the final town featuring different objects and placements.


So with the window remarks, I used a lot of reference photos and generally the windows are the same repeated throughout the house, though a few tend to be the same design and smaller (which is what I plan to do with a few, similar to the skinny one in my second photo. Those were used for smaller rooms/stairways of course. I don’t really know what you mean as a few of the windows don’t match the style because they all come from historic photos as well as some houses that have survived since the war (though all the modern ones I used had matching historic photos so I know if there were any modern renovations that didn’t match.

Keep mind this is rural England so a lot of the houses were less stylized than modern houses in larger cities such as Manchester or London. It’s also in the 1940s so colored paint was more expensive (and during the WWI-WWII stretch the Great Depression and both wars limited this even more) so I’m trying to avoid too many shades per each window. On top of that, the goal is to be pretty simple and it is during a wartime effort so I’ve actually considered even taking the current, semi-accurate (the one that has blue and white paint is a test more to see if a blue would work since I’m trying to not use the same like 4 paint colors in a row but I might change it back to what I had it as before I took the screenshot which was green) color pallet and making it even grayer to match the time and portray the tone as well. In the end, I do appreciate your feedback as it’s not generally stuff I disagree with as a builder and graphic designer/artist student (outside of Roblox). My goal, however, is to be accurate at the time and not sacrifice that for most pleasant-looking buildings

Side note, I do hope to introduce some older homes (homes that have survived since the 1800s) which still had straw roofs and such. I actually did think about adding shutters too but apparently they were not all that popular during this time and wouldn’t become stylized till after the war during the late 50s/early 60s. I think this is in part changes in design practices and cheaper fabric allowed for drapes/shades and wood was also scarce especially in the greater UK-area. I do hope to add some wall items, wall signs were popular (and still are! such as the joke ones below) however since parts of England had only just started getting power things like wall lights wouldn’t be as accurate, though street lamps will be added. I think I may also try sneaking in more window boxes even though they were less popular in the countryside (since of course there’s land to plant stuff).