Enhanced Audio Upload and Management System


While new updates are welcomed, it is crucial to take our workflow into account and not be disruptive. However, Roblox has failed in this regard once again. I hope you learn from this experience and address the issues at hand.

I understand that audio uploads are now free. However, I lack trust in Roblox moderation and refuse to compromise my Developer account by uploading any asset to Roblox. Therefore, I require the use of an alternate account. Unfortunately, the current limit of ten audio sources per month for alternate accounts poses a problem.


I have two groups: Group A holds audio sources, and Group B contains games that use audio sources from Group A.

As you can see, this change has caused unnecessary work for me due to the lack of communication and thoughtfulness.


  1. When the upload limit is exceeded, allow us to continue uploading with a fee to prevent disruptions in our workflow. (untested)

  2. Entities (users and groups) should not share upload limits. Each entity should have its own separate limit.

  3. Upload limits should be higher for groups to accommodate larger audio libraries.

  4. Allow us to spend group funds when uploading audio to a group, providing more flexibility and convenience.

  5. Give us the ability to grant users and groups access to audios uploaded by a different entity, facilitating collaboration and asset sharing.

Timeframe and Tools

Also, providing only 12 days to address this issue is insufficient. The changes have already disrupted our workflow, so we request more time and proper tools to effectively work through the challenges.


Isn’t this already the goal? Why wouldn’t you be able to just give your account and your group access to the audio? This would prevent your need to reupload anything or have to change anything unnecessarily other than who has access to the audio.

Though I do agree with your points of paying to bypass the limit. I also think entity limits should be separate. If you’re working on personal projects and group projects then you might not necessarily want the audio to intermingle. When you have a large number of members in a group managing audio limits could become an issue.


Probably, but we don’t know the details and as far as I know, this isn’t available to us yet unless I’m missing something I don’t see the option to grant access to other entities on the website audio/configure page therefore the feature doesn’t exist.

as seen here


What also would be very useful is, if they allowed audio to be played between different groups that are owned by the same person.

For example:
Group A has the released games.
Group B is used to develop the games and upload the sounds and other assets.

Currently you can’t hear the audio from Group B in group A even with the same owner.

Now we need to abandon our development group and work on the main, it will create a mess. And we also need to re-upload all audio. And if they do this in the future for meshes, images, etc… That’s over 500 assets.


Okay, the permission granting system is a miracle, but 2022 is almost over and we still haven’t had another response regarding setting audio to public (or otherwise sharing audio with games we can’t edit). The configure page still tells us to “check back later” but I’m surprised that they haven’t removed the button at this point, and after the update they never even gave another announcement regarding privacy for other asset types like they said they would.


You could get around the 10 per month limit by just simply using multiple alts. E.g. You upload 10 audios on alt A, then another 10 on alt B, alt C, etc. Then their limits will reset next month and repeat. To avoid the state of having to grant permissions I develop the game on a group and have the alts in the group with a rank that permits uploading group assets.

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I would literally go as far to pay money per upload to upload public SFX again. The “coming soon” option has been greyed out for half a year, what a joke.

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Hate to bump this but this is still a much needed feature, been trying to work around this restriction for over 6 months, no solution except hosting an off-platform website to play user-created audios which can’t be linked from the game.

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Hopefully in 2024 something might happen, as they mentioned sharing & collaboration for “all asset types” in the roadmap this week :slight_smile:

(This is already ridiculous though)

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