Enhanced blood (on walls and stuff)

Soon gonna add enemies that can resurrect other enemies. also unsure of whether this level of gore is permitted


I cannot find anything related to gore outlined in the Community Rules. However I am aware that the Featured Game Guidelines require no blood or gore. I am unsure if these guidelines are still applicable, since Roblox hand picks featured games now, instead of developers applying like before.


that’s good then! Thank you (:

I’m not sure if gore isn’t permitted since I’ve seen gory games on the front page but just to be safe, I’d make gore a toggeble option which would be disabled by default.


I am 100% certain that you can’t have any blood or gore on xbox but I am a little unsure about the other devices. I think you are fine with what you have as their is nothing in the terms of use nor the community rules about blood and gore.

I’m actually very confused right now. Is that ROBLOX or not? It definitely caught me off guard and I thought that this thread was ended half-way and I didn’t understand what you’re trying to say.

Holy, that just doesn’t look like ROBLOX at all.

You can actually have some blood type effect, but extremely light and more-so age friendly.


Yeah, the guidelines say “No blood / gore”, however I’m sure it’s case-by-case depending on how gory it really is.

Yes, it is in Roblox link is below!

Well… We got quite gory games up and running. This one for example used to be on the front page for a while.

After some digging I found games that may be the answer to your question:

Maybe you should hide the UI on the 3rd person camera, since the UI has part of the helmet.

Yeah(: it’s not normally in the game i put it in for the video

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Don’t know about any gore like 0:15, but I do remember Phantom Forces being part of one of Roblox’s most widespread events (Ready Player One) and having one of the rooms related to the event outright caked in blood due to how often people fought in there. If that can be approved for an official event thousands of kids would see, I’d imagine the blood here might be okay?

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i suppose you could only display blood effects to users 13+?

You’ll probably have to turn down some of the gore if you plan on having your game compatible with XBOX, as they feature different guidelines, I assume to comply with the age rating given.

I would say it’s quite graphic if a 7 year old could easily play this without any warning given, so you might want to be careful with that issue. Perhaps you could turn down the gore by default with XBOX players?

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Your game is truly amazing! Keep up the good work. You could always change the colour of the blood so that it doesn’t look like human or even animal blood.

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