Enhancing the Roblox Audio Pages Experience

As a dedicated Roblox music publisher, I believe that there are essential audio editing options that could significantly improve our experience on the platform. Currently, the audio pages appear somewhat bland, lacking crucial information beyond the title and description, let me elaborate.

1. Genres

This is a feature which is lacking, that we are unable to set music genres, instead we have option to select old outdated unused genres:

why not just update this part and replace it with genres already available here: https://create.roblox.com/store/locales/en-US/CreatorMarketplace.AudioCategories.json.

2. Cover Arts

Currently there is no way to change this bland deafult release icon to our designated Cover Art for the release. We should be able to add Cover Arts to the audio releases, like here:

3. More metadata

There is no way of setting artist, album, release date, publisher by, and other metadata, why not just allow us to edit this metadata here:

Track in the screenshot

This would allow us to give more credit and more information about the artist, release, etc.


These changes would give most of the users ability to credit the original artists and add more metadata which in my case is a crucial part when licensing music to Roblox.

Thanks for reading!

~ Blanka


I believe allowing the ability to change Icons for Audios would be great, and for other things as well, I believe it would also be great if they allowed links so you can add the ability to view the Audio on External Websites such as YouTube, or even the ability to change the Category to “Effects” or “Music” instead of it being Automated.

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Yes, I got info that it may come this year so I’m excited.

External links to e.g. Spotify release would be a great change.

It’s not automated, category music is unused and that’s actually sad and that’s the only reason I cannot change the genre of our tracks. It was only used in Monstercat and APM releases, but as you can see our releases does not have the music note:

instead they are set as a sound effect which possibly makes the genres not possible to change.

In-Studio they are Automated, you would look-up Audios and they would be misplaced in Studio Categories.

I said somewhere, idk where see my activity that current state of audio is absolutely terrible and has to be updated. Also audio should never be publically accesible to all users.