ENLITE Resort | Handbook

ENLITE | Handbook

Greetings, and welcome to ENLITE Resort Official Handbook! This guidebook with be beneficial to assist you with any questions, information regarding the group, information regarding public relations, development and other additional information.

Table Of Contents:
Article I: Rank Information
Article II: Admin Abuse Information
Article III: Promotion Information
Article IV: Group Shout Formating
Article V: Kitchen Recipes
Article VI: Development Information
Article: VII: Partnership Information

Article I: Rank Information

Chairmen & Founder - The leader of the Enlite Community. Makes all important decisions.

Co Founder - The co-leader of the Enlite community. Assists the owner and manages SHRs and HRs.

Executive Board - Manages staff team, group, and oversee divisions. Their main duty is to make sure everything is running smoothly

Assistant Executive Board - They assist the Executive Board and co-oversee divisions.

Head Developer- Main developer of the game. Manages the development team. Usually the most skilled developer.

Development Team - The developers of our game. They work hard every day to make our community better.

Management Team - They are the Upper Management of the ENLITE Group. They manage lower ranked HR/MR members. This rank can usally be taken as a Internship for the SHR Team.

Communications Team - Manages the Communications and Moderation of our group. In charge of supervising lower ranked members as well as host sessions for our group.

Administration Team - New to the Upper Management Department. In charge of sessions and shifts. Mainly they are ordered to supervisor lower ranks at the Training Center & Resort

Operations Team - Manages the Operations here at ENLITE. They are in charge of making sure everything is runing smoothy with our Lower Rank Department. If you have an issue with the Lower Ranks, you are advised to speak to them.

Superivising Team - Mainly are expected to Supervise the Middle Ranks & Lower Ranks. They make sure that everything is good on the Staff side of ENLITE. If there is a problem, they will tell a higher up.

Head Of Housekeeping - They manage the housekeeping department.
Head Of Security - They manage the security department.
Head Receptionist - They manage Receptionists.
Staff Assistant - They help LRs, answer their questions.

Receptionist - They work at the receptionists desk and assign rooms to people.
Security - They patrol the hotel and look for any troller to deal with them, or report exploiters.
Housekeeping - They clean the hotel rooms and wash visitor’s clothes.

Non-working ranks
Awaiting Training - Someone who has passed the application stage and is awaiting training.
Allied Representative - People who are from allied groups.
Noted Guest - Retired HR+.
Suspended - People who get struck.
Hotel Guest - Ordinary group members.
Article II: Admin Abuse Information

Admin Abuse is the abuse of privileged commands as a result of power. The following are lists of various commands that should NOT be used under no circumstances in one’s duties. The result of using any of these commands will lead to consequences such as a suspension depending on the commands used. Please remember 3 suspensions = demotion.

Admin Abuse Commands:

➜|;bring [with HR permission and w/ valid reasoning]
➜|;tp [with HR permission and w/ valid reasoning]
➜|;kick <all, or several people at once>
➜|;h [with HR permission and w/ valid reasoning]
➜|;slock (at the hotel)






➜|;respawn <all, or any mass group of people at once>

➜|;ban <all, or several people at once>
➜|;unban <all, or several people at once>

Article III: Promotion Information

Promotion Cooldowns:

➜|LRs to MR: 2 Weeks.

➜|MRs to Next MR: 3 Weeks.
➜|MRs to HR: 4 Weeks.

➜|HRs to Next HR: 6 Weeks.

➜|HRs to SHR: 8 Weeks.

➜|SHRs: N/A (decided by the owner(s)).

Disclaimer: Meeting the cooldown does not validate your promotion. All factors such as activity, work ethics, and professionalism go into your promotion validation as well. Co Founders are given consent to Bypass cooldowns if they feel the need to. The Executive Board also has authority to do so, if they have proper permission from the Co Founder’s or have won a SHR Majority Vote.

Promotion Requirements:

➜|Cooldown must be over.

➜|To promote anyone to MR+ you must have permission from an HR+.

➜|They must be very active, you cannot have encountered them just once in the game/group.
➜|They must have some high level of organization/professionalism that they have been upholding.
➜|Must be hardworking and have excellent work ethics.

How to request a promotion:

  • | Go to the #promotion-requests channel
  • | Look at PINNED messages.
  • | Make sure you follow the correct format to do so. Then wait for your promotion to be accepted or denied with the correct symbol/emoji.


My user: Khanye4life

My rank: Assistant Executive

Their user: DivergentBadu

Their rank: Chairwoman/Co-Founder

Rank I desire them to be: Owner

Reason: [REASON]

Last promoted: [LAST PROMOTION DATE]

Disclaimer: Only MRs need to request someone’s promotion, HR+ can just promote people straight away.

Article IV: Group Shout Formating

Below is the format for Group Shouts. These shall be announced when your hosting a shift/session.

:sleeping_bed: Shift | A shift is being hosted at the hotel! Come on down for a chance to be promoted!

:sleeping_bed: Concluded | The shift has concluded. Don’t feel discouraged as you can always attend another one. Why don’t you head down to the hotel and try out the new arcade? Sounds good to me.

Ultra Shift (Communications Team+)
:sleeping_bed: Ultra Shift | A Ultra Shift is being hosted by our Management Team! Why not come down for a higher chance at a promotion? You won’t want to miss it!

:sleeping_bed: Concluded | The shift has concluded. Don’t feel discouraged as you can always attend another one. Why don’t you head down to the hotel and work out in our luxurious gym? Sounds good to me.

:books:Training | A training session is being hosted at [Time]. Awaiting Training can come to rank up and ranks 8+ can come to help train! Don’t be late, as we slock at [time].

:books:Slocked | The training has slocked. Don’t be discouraged you can always attend another one. Why don’t you head down to the hotel for a swim? Sounds good to me.

:books:Concluded | The training has concluded. Congratulations to all the passers! Don’t feel down if you didn’t pass, you can always attend another session! Why don’t you head down to the hotel and grab a snack at the Darlings Kitchen? Sounds good to me!

Additional Shouts
:clipboard: 50% Week | Greetings, ENLITE! The Management Team, and Development Team have decided to put all gamepasses/perks FOR SALE! For a limited time all our perks that require robux payment are 50% OFF! Sounds like a steal!

:clipboard: Mega Training | The SHR Team has decided to host a Mega Training! These trainings will consist of more trainings, and will be hosted especially by the SHR Team! Why not come down to the training center and help out, sounds good to me!

Article V: Kitchen Recipes

Sadly, our Kitchen update has not been fully released to the public. This is currently in BETA Testing and shall be released within 3 - 5 days of release. If you have any questions, contact the Development Team.

Article VI: Development Information

The ENLITE Development Team handles the creation of everything in ENLITE. From the Hotel to the Room’s, to the Application Center, the Development Team handles Building, Programming, Graphics, and Animations. If you find a bug, we are who you should report it to.

If you have an interest in being apart of the Development Team, please contact either the Founder or Lead Developer. They will inform you of the requirements, and fill you in an Application, etc…

Development Group Link: https://www.roblox.com/groups/6178498/ENLITE-Development-Team#!/about

Development Team Ranks:
Founder - @Zxacqz
Project Manager - @Hxrdware, @yGiraffe, @EatCheese3
Head Developer - @Volieb
Programmer: @dalevv
Architect: @eppselie123, @Zxacqz
GFX Designer: (** To Be Determined** )
Internship: N/A

Current Status: NOT HIRING (Our Disc(o)rd shall display additonal information when we are hiring, as well as we shall post on the DevForum.

Article VII: Partnership Information

Hey, there! Looking into a possible partnership with the ENLITE Group? Here is all the possible information needed to request an Alliance. Please note that everything listed below is a NEED and not a SUGGESTION.

ENLITE | Public Relations Team:
Head Of Public Relations: @mikim1971, @DivergentBadu
Deputy Head: @yGiraffe

The individuals listed here are members of the Public Relations team, and are in charge of all Alliances and shall be ranked Allied Representative in groups, no one else other then Zxacqz if chosen to do so.

Strict Information:

Corporation must consist of 30+ members which contain no bots or ALT/fake accounts. This may be an exception to some corporations with authorize to.
Your company must have a consistent activity and must host exciting events with ENLITE.
Companies must be well directed, curated and manipulative; drama, contends, compulsions or confusions shouldn’t be caused.
You must have a high reputation and heritage within the ROBLOX business industry.

Alliance Questions:

Provide us with a detailed description followed by your corporation.

  1. Why is your corporation willing to ally with ENLITE?

  2. How will our relationship benefit both corporations, preferably financially and socially.

  3. State your ROBLOX username and Discord tag. Who else can we contact if you are unavailable? State their details corresponding to yours.

  4. Do you have any questions or queries regarding our alliance manipulation or this application?

Once you have completed all questions with adequate detail and exceptional grammar, please send it to the Public Relations Member for your application to be read and reviewed. Please expect a result in 48 hours or less, if you have any further inquiries regarding anything pertaining to this document, please feel free to contact the Public Relations Team.