Enouma Handbook

✧ Welcome to the Enouma handbook! ✧

Enouma is a new clothing group on ROBLOX. We aim to make a group filled with clothes everyone can enjoy!

Update Log

17.2.2021 - Added Discord server
10.2.2021 - Founded group!

Rank Details

:heart: Pending :heart: » 0 clothes
:heart: Cutie :heart: » 1-5+ clothes
:heart: Angel :heart: » IO + clothes
:heart: Saint :heart: » 20 clothes
:heart: Supermodel :heart: » 30 clothes
:heart: Voguish :heart: » 50+

Affiliate Information


  • 100 or more non-botted members
  • 30 or more Discord members
  • Ability to maintain a high level of professionalism
  • Willing to regularly communicate with us
  • Willing to regularly host alliance events with us
  • Willing to post our events and updates in your Discord server
  • No history of scamming
  • Must have a Public Relations department
  • Should provide 2-3 representatives from your group


  • What is the name of your group?
  • Why do you want to form an affiliation with Enouma?
  • How would Enouma benefit your group if we decided to ally?
  • How could your group benefit Enouma?
  • What are you looking to achieve by forming an alliance with us?

Send your responses to Maddie!#0001 via Discord DMs.


Discord - Discord

2021 Goals

10K group members
20k group funds
100 Discord members


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