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Hello, I’m Enrikxs, I’m 17-year-old self-taught scripter passionate about Roblox game development for the past three years. I love diving into coding challenges and bringing ideas to life in the Roblox Community. As someone who enjoys leading and brainstorming with teams, I’ve found my groove in collaborative projects. Right now, I’m exploring my interests, eager to see where my journey in Roblox Scripting might take me. Every day is about learning, growing, and sharing the excitement with others.

Known & Proficient Coding Languages: PYTHON, LUA, C++, C#



Previous Simple Commissions

Morphing System [Click]
Open Cabinet System [Click]
Poster Moving [Click]

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Camera System [Click]
Choke Power System [Click]

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Previous Advanced Commissions

Troop Control System [Click]
Motorcycle System [Click]
Ai Traffic System [Click]
Ai Pathfinding System [Click]

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Build System [Click]

There’s More If Needed DM

Screenshot Commissions

Simple Buildings That I Have Done.


I’m proficient in Lua scripting, adaptive at utilizing modulescripts. Additionally, I possess expertise in various aspects such as datastores, CFrame manipulation, vector operations, string manipulation, UI design, remote events/functions, gamepasses.



I’m in the GMT+3 time zone because I am Lithuanian. Although my schedule allows me to be available during both daytime and nighttime, particularly in the summer months. However, my work hours are quite tight due to various commitments. I generally prefer working at night, but I can adapt to any different time zones and work during both day and night if necessary.



I’m flexible with pricing and open to negotiation. I’m comfortable with either hourly pay or payment per task, My preferred payment arrangement is payment per task. Once you’re satisfied that I’ve delivered what you need, you can pay me accordingly. If there are any concerns or discomfort regarding payments, I’ll communicate openly and address them promptly.




For development inquiries, feel free to reach out to me either here on the devforum or via Discord

Discord: AlioGaidys
Roblox Username: Enrikxs

Thank you for reading. Feel free to contact me with any questions.