Entire Servers Randomly Crashing (Error Code 277)

Reproduction Steps

My players in starving artists (DONATION GAME) - Roblox are reporting server crashes. Servers will seemingly crash randomly and players will get an error code 277. I’ve checked the memory usage and haven’t made any recent changes to the game.

Expected Behavior

I expected the servers to not crash.

Actual Behavior

Entire servers will randomly crash leading to massive player drops.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Crashing
Impact: High
Frequency: Very Rarely


I don’t know if this counts as “Me too!” replying but I’ll reply anyways.

Another game I know seems to be crashing as well, with the same error code. (I’m currently banned from that game, so I can’t provide screenshots) Most of the time it happens while a new map is loading up which makes parts different colored adding up to the lag experienced for a few minutes. Or just randomly mid playing most of the time the server being hours long.

Game I’m referring to: World Conquest - Roblox

Experiencing this too, where a popular old server would randomly crash. Turning down loops didn’t seem to help.

We resolved the original issue via DM!

@VauItZone and @GalacticInspired Please file separate reports if you believe there’s a bug we need to address. Thank you!

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