Entry Point Recreation

Recently I’ve began to work on a recreation of Entry Point from the ground up. It’s not supposed to be the game 2.0, or a copy- but a recreation of it’s mechanics and base idea. I’ve gotten the main menu and Customization done- but I still think it needs some work, yet I don’t know what exactly to improve on. It just doesn’t get the kind of feeling I want, that Entry Point maintains.

Since I can’t showcase the whole game in a singular video, here is the game.

I just want to note I don’t want feedback like “add a icon” or something to do with in-general page design, I just want feedback on maybe the animations, building and mostly the UI.


Very polished menu design, but the codename selection menu is a bit big for my 17" laptop screen.

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its supposed to look something like this:


Thanks for mentioning it, I’ll be sure to work on UI improvements to do with scale, then!


Will there be mobile support too though :eyes:
Just take your time developing and you should be able to complete this game!

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Is this suppose to be a bug? Also, The codenames repeat.

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Currently, I’ve not perfected the size for the buttons- and the codenames currently repeat as there is 48 different buttons; and I’ve not made 48 yet.

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Oh, Alright. Also are you gonna rescale the buttons? I really wanna try out the game.

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Also, Did you meant you forgot to fix a bug where you can multi select codenames- Or is it me dumb

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You can’t multi-select codenames;

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Must me having an illusion, Or it’s because of the selected line around it.

But anyways, Is there kind of tutorial? Quite curious. (I’m brainless, Even if I played EP)

Currently, my place Configuration Mission is the only thing out there- and it still needs a whole lot of improvements e.g;

  1. Running not fully reworked
  2. Weapon models are horrible
  3. Bottom circle of interaction moves up, for some reason.

Theres a lot going on behind the scenes not fully implemented yet, so not usable yet.

Probably just the selected line; I’ll try and fix that

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Explains why the menu is too big for small screens to cover it, Haha. (It’s not meant to offend)

Due to the extensive controls EP holds, adding mobile controls is going to take a lot of time, and when eventually I would, the controls would be hard to use and cause too many problems. Because of this, I’m taking the same route as EP and not implementing mobile support.

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True, The Mobile players will start complaining, Due to poor performance (Depending on map) Overwhelmed by the controls, And UI almost entirely blocking the screen, So It makes sense to make it PC only.

Anyways, I Will hope for you to improve the game and Wish for you to run it well! (After the UI scale update done lol.)

UI Scaling update is now done :D.

@Guest_503642 Nevermind, it’s all messed up now

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Okay, I think I have to go on PC to actually play.