Enum.UserInputType not firing server, what's the issue?

I want to find out what platform a player is on and put it on the leaderboard. However, the user input service isn’t firing the server.

Can someone tell me the problem here?

Extra Details
Script is in StarterGui
Script is Local
Script returns no errors

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If I’m not mistaken, shouldn’t it be “key.InputType”, since UserInputService.InputEnded returns an Input object with properties.

Is your print statement not appearing in the output, because if it is, then that means the remote event is firing. Can we see the serverscript?

I thought that was the case but It only returned this error

I was about to and then I realize the serverscript isn’t even in the game anymore, but its on the top bar Strange.

nvm i was still in playtest here it is:

@BuilderDolphin is right. UserInputType is the way to go.

I just figured out the problem by looking at this page. Apparently it’s called “InputObject.UserInputType” instead of InputType.

Yup, works now. Thank you!

and thank you @1Urge for helping