Epic | Livery Designer/3D Modeler/Builder

Heyo! I’m itsokayepic. I specialize in livery design, mesh creation, and building. I’ve been on this platform since 2013 but only picked up developing around late 2019. I love doing what I do and I always strive to provide customers the highest quality products available.

There are many more, but these are just a few!

Livery Designs
  • California Department of Transit F-450
  • LAFD Ram 1500
  • U.S Navy Charger
  • Bordentown Township Durango

  • Wildland Fire Helmets

  • In-Progress EMS Station (just build, not atmospheric/snow/trees)


So, what’s payment like? Well, in my opinion, pricing is very competitive! Below is a list of my prices for different types of commissions.
Note that pricing will sometimes vary if the project being commissioned is unusually complex. Fees are always discussed upfront and the price set at the start of the project will be what the project ends with.

Liveries: 100-125 R$ per livery
Meshes: 500 R$ and up per mesh
Buildings: 1K R$ and up for most builds

So, that’s about it!

Contact me here on DevForum or on the Roblox site to set up a commission!