Equality of name placement on home page


As a Roblox developer and as a Roblox player, with a lot of friends at peak hours, it is currently impossible to view at a glance your friend’s who have the first letter of their name near the end of the alphabet.

This pic isn’t during peak hours, but for example, several friends / fellow developers will be working in studio, but if their name is close to the end of the alphabet I will probably never see their name, which is unfair. This at a glance list should be sorted by time of entry into the action they’re doing.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, the Roblox home page would be equal to all Roblox names, and it would not favor names that start near the beginning of the alphabet. It would be sorted by time of entry into the action.

Of course, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s a cool feature to see what your friends are doing, it makes Roblox a better social network. Equality of placement should be the default behavior.


It’d be a nice addition if Roblox added a scroll bar for that part of the home page! Having one would definitely come in handy in situations like this :smiley:


Perhaps it should put friends you’re following at the front too.


A scroll bar would solve all of our problems!


100% what we need