Equinox, a Roman RTS Game

Hi there developers. I spent a long time on this new game :sweat:

It’s a real time strategy game where you defend Rome against waves of invaders.

I would really appreciate some good criticisms and feedback. My #1 goal with the game, right now, is to make the UX flow as smooth as possible.

(some screenshots)

(the lobby I built myself)


That actually looks extremely good. There are some dark spot that need lit up a bit but other than that it’s great.

Thanks! Did you get to play the game or just checked out the lobby?

I’m very impressed! However, I do agree with @Qniax. There are some dark spots. Have you considered adding Pointights or setting CastShadow to false on some of the parts?

Thanks for the note! I made the lobby a little brighter. I’m really hoping for some feedback on the actual game play (after you leave the lobby and start a game)

Today I added 1v1 multiplayer to the game! Now you can go toe to toe with another player - one is the attacker who can spawn enemy units and direct them, while the other player tries to build and defend their city.

I would very much appreciate feedback on the gameplay itself!

This looks really nice, it looks very realistic!

Looking Good :+1:
its can be better if you add fog

Thanks, do you mean fog in the top-view RTS part of the game, or the lobby?

because its make the map looks better.

Really cool, really nice work, put about 2 hours in to do some proper playtest. Its actually alot of fun to play, but as with any game the more complex you make it the more bugs you have.
I’ve compiled a list below, its in no particular order, please take this as constructive criticism i really like what you’ve done and hope it does well and has a future.
1.For some reason after clicking the villager menu i could no longer select my buildings, it seemed to stop when they got attacked… The inability to select builds seems to happen periodically maybe its linked to not properly deselecting the previous unit as this process was interrupted by entering a menu.
2.units get stuck on the side of buildings. maybe give them much simplier collision? Some unit can walk through some builds but not others? tbh this might be a good idea, let villages walk everywhere and through buildings, but have collision for military units? This would also stop the weird getting push out thing that happens when a villager completes a building.
3. Animate the characters in the hub.
4.Pathfinding, units cannot backtrack in order to go forward… i.e navigate round obstacles that require them to change direction…I take that back sometime it work really well, sometime it doesn’t do anything. Villas are particularly bad for getting stuck on.
5. Difficult to tell which soldiers are mine and which are the enemies. Make one team blue
6. At lower graphical quality setting it becomes unplayable as not enough terrain is rendered. view distance too low. I dunno if there is any type of fix for this, i guess you could reduce the size of all your units and buildings and grid by 50%?
7.More view distance in general is always good.
8.If you have too many units around a barracks and build more then new units spawn and fall over. i dunno if its a bug, cos everything works, and its the default robloxian behavior if they get crushed…but it looks hilarious XD
9.Rollover tooltips would be nice
10. buildings possibly reward too much income? or maybe make different difficulties by scaling how much they give you, it seems a bit easy, although that said we do want to develop our games for a younger demographic so we dont want things too hard.
11.Most builds only function to give gold, so most of them are a waste of time to build or become redundant very quickly.
12.General unit has no animation
13.Difficult to tell what unit ive got selected, the green dot is occasionally not shown for some reason?
14.Limit on forts seems like a cheap way to handicap the player. Maybe make it so you can have infinite forts but have to garrison them? or they cost gold upkeep?
15. Is there no limit to how many villagers can work on a building? i’ve got like 20 and its a total mess…
16.I managed to spawn a unit ontop of an enemy unit and this caused the war phase to never end… oh no i found him, its caused an enemy unit to jump and anchor on the edge of the map…Sadly i cannot get to him, and am stuck in the war phase,
17. if you have 8 villages building then the sound effects become unbearable. maybe limit number of sounds that can play at the same time.
18. I don’t like the bricks for roof textures, maybe get a decal, also the granary roof look really weird. i dunno if its mean to be planks and its been mistextured or its meant to be cracked and damaged clay tiles.
19. Romans didn’t have trebuchet technology… (only really a problem, if you want to be historically accurate) If you are going for historical accuracy you might want to change your archers to spearthrowers and name them Hastati, with the regular soldiers being Principes and the elites being Triarii. Then generals should be renamed Centurians and then you have an accurate roman army :stuck_out_tongue:
20.Some buildings take an insane time to build
21. Oracle doesn’t do anything? Also in rome Oracles were typically women.
22. How do i unlock the trebuchet?
23. Building menu takes a while to load sometimes, is that because they are actual 3d models using a view port frame rather than just pic of the building…? very clever but probably less efficient than just png’s
24. When you build a building it spawns in at the village centre, it should spawn in at the mouse pointer location…?
25.There seems to be a weird arbitrary limit as to how far you soldiers can move away from your town centre.
26. I managed to get a soldier a few steps over the river, then he stopped responding to commands, i can select him but he wont do anything else.
27.If i select a group of units and click disband only half seems to die every time.
28.When you have alot of units their ai seems to get worse and less responsive.
29.Workers occasionally spawn inside the town centre.
30. if you assign workers all at one to work on a building you can assign a seemingly infinite amount of people? Is this how it is meant to act?
31. Theres no population limit? asking for laggy trouble i think
I better stop i don’t want you getting demoralized… + I’ve been doing this for about 2 hours now…

But yeah excellent stuff, just keep grinding away…None of us are ever gonna get a bug free game first time. Also i wasn’t kind i was purposely trying to break your game at every step. It help up pretty well overall XD!

Finally someone actually played lol :smiley:
Thanks so much for the quality feedback!
A lot of these I was aware of, but not all, I will look into it!
To answer a bit of it - there is supposed to be a unit max, so that’s strange. The enemy units should have a red circle under them, and the unit green highlight has been pretty consistent for me, so I think that has to do with Roblox not loading all the models on the client at lower settings. Definitely something I’ll need to look into.

Join my group and I’ll hook you up with some in-game goodies!

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Thanks dude, not sure how much i’ll be playing dedicating all my free time to development atm, but your a pretty damn good coder, so i’ll join just to keep an eye on things…