Equipping and re-equipping tools sometimes deletes them


Relatively new bug that just started happening. I did not update my game but suddenly people report that quickly switching between tools deletes them.

EDIT: Not necessarily switching quickly between them. To add, my game is FilteringEnabled, and this only seems to happen on tools with Handles.


Exact same error on my games, I think it’s related to welds


Was just about to create a bug report.

Tools are not being auto-equipped when parented to the character.

The bug happens every time a tool is parented

It happens in any game place.

It started happening sometime today. I noticed it at around 6:50PM EST.


It isn’t just equipping and requipping, it does it without any input from the player.
This doesn’t seem to be limited to any specific OS or game.


Yep, I’m having that issue too in my game https://devforum.roblox.com/t/tools-in-game-being-lost/145947/


Was getting the same issue at a couple of popular games, however, in my own games, I wasn’t encountering this issue.


This needs to be fixed right away. My whole damn game requires tools to do any kind of fighting and its ruining the hell out of it for players…


Yeah, this bug is putting a stop to clan activities as well.


(correction to my comment)
– This is occurring in my games, whoops.


This isn’t the first time an issue like this has happened. In fact, I recall 3 other times this issue has happened in the past to both me and my friends across multiple games. I really hope this issue is resolved for good soon as it is indeed quite annoying, especially when the game is heavily dependent on these tools as a main feature.


Also occurring in my game. Usually when touching a large teleport block, but also just randomly after equipping and unequipping it.

Only happens for tools with a Handle.


Can confirm, I’m having similar issues. Just started happening today for me.


I’m getting this issue as well…

Here’s what I’ve also currently noticed (in regards to the issue)

  • All of these issues persist when using FilteringEnabled
  • When pressing the backspace key with tools, they never drop (With CanBeDropped Enabled)
  • Unequipped event rarely/never fires because of this issue


I am also seeing this, after a tool is unequipped (that has a handle) 5 seconds later it will be removed from the inventory of the player.


I’ve disabled a change that possibly affected this, although it shouldn’t have. Does the issue persist?


I’m also getting this. And I’ve had this issue for over a week. My game parents a tool to the character on CharacterAdded and it sometimes just disappears. Manually welding the tool to the character didn’t fix this.


The issue seems to have stopped in two of my games.


Ok, thanks. I’ll see what I can do to fix the exploitable issue while not breaking this. The probable fix should have made it to all gameservers by this point.

Tool disappearing mysteriously?

Okay, thanks!


Thank you for resolving so quickly!